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Head Shape eV10 vs Supershape eTitan

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Has anyone skied the latest iterations of these?
I’m after some new skis for next season. My other half has a ~10yr old pair of Titans (the first of the black top sheet) and still really likes them, so of course they came on my radar to look at. I ski pretty much on piste, however realistically I can’t remember the last time I skied a lovely groomed piste. It’s mostly mounds of grotty snow. I also like to have a little play off the side or between runs, and we also have the unpisted itinerary routes, so whilst I’m not looking for something to handle major off piste I do want something that will point and shoot in crud and handle skier groomed pistes, mid 80s underfoot piste focussed all mountain is probably the big oxymoron I’m after.

I was reading up on the latest titans though and reviews say they very much need high levels of skier input and want to carve a lot. I am a decent confident intermediate skier (female so probably better than I analyse myself as, somewhere around lower end of lv7 on the Inside Out scale), and I can link a couple of carved turns on a wide blue run. I do want something that might be a bit more of a fun ride, not need piloting everywhere. I then came across the shape eV10 which seemed to be similar geometry in a softer/lighter ski. Has anyone ridden these as the blurb seems to say they are beginner friendly, so I worry they might be flappy on the home run, but some video reviews say they are more inter/advanced.

I don’t really want to open a massive can of alternative ski suggestions worms, but if you’ve like for liked these or have yourself gone from my current/previous skis (whitedot ones mounted for all mountain use, or k2 Superfree) to something that suits the above target of piste leaning all mountain then happy to hear it. I’m tall, heavy and athletic, so I don’t focus on a women’s ski. I’m looking around the 165cm mark I think.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Hi, I don't have experience on these particular models but I do on the slightly thinner version of both the Head Supershape eRally and the Head Shape ev8. I'm a middle aged man, probably L7/L8 with around 15+ weeks on snow.

I originally purchased the eRallys as I read and watched all the reviews etc etc and thought these are the ski for me, i know i know I should have tested, anyhoo I bought them on a whim, got a good deal and then used them for a trip last year. I liked them but I was always feeling that I wasn't quite up to the level for them, if I skied them well then it was great but they weren't very forgiving for my skill level and slush was fun on them. I just felt that I needed to have them on edge all the time and they weren't very forgiving, I started to realise that I'm not really the level my mind thinks I am.

In this review they mention on the eRally that its a great ski for people that are on it all the time but they highlight if you haven't got the skill level then you might not like them

Something just wasnt great for me also with that realisation that I likely needed a more intermediate ski to enable me to progress more.

Looking at this comparison it was super helpful

and I think this resonated with me, they comment on that people using eRally might be better suited on the V8.

So I bought that too Toofy Grin Very Happy snowHead and honestly I love them, I'm still keeping the eRally's but omg I love the V8, it matches my skill, I dont feel like im chasing the ski and I actually feel good on the V8.

In April I went away again and I skied it in slush, small bumps, heavy snowed area, hard pistes and I love it.

So yeah, I own both and currently not sure when I'll use the eRallys again.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Have you considered Superjoys? I rented a pair last year and absolutely loved them. I’m possibly slightly more confident than you, but my more novice daughter also skiied them and liked them and I found them enormous fun, easy to carve, lovely pop out of short turns, stable at speed and quite happy briefly off the side.

I know you said not women specific, but just thought worth a mention.
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 You need to Login to know who's really who.
You need to Login to know who's really who.
To be honest I’d not looked at the joys. I’d want to try the 163 vs the 170 and a lot of women’s skis stop in the low 160s and I’m quite tall and heavy. I had k2 super free as my first skis and moving to the much wider, longer, heavier whitedots were much more stable. I don’t like speed-flap and I’m happy to let skis run when it’s clear and there is a solid and safe looking run off area.

From MoreSkis post, I think I’ll be hunting down a good deal on some V10’s
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