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Log in to snowHeads to make it MUCH better! Registration's totally free, of course, and makes snowHeads easier to use and to understand, gives better searching, filtering etc. as well as access to 'members only' forums, discounts and deals that U don't even know exist as a 'guest' user. (btw. 50,000+ snowHeads already know all this, making snowHeads the biggest, most active community of snow-heads in the UK, so you'll be in good company)..... When you register, you get our free weekly(-ish) snow report by email. It's rather good and not made up by tourist offices (or people that love the tourist office and want to marry it either)... We don't share your email address with anyone and we never send out any of those cheesy 'message from our partners' emails either. Anyway, snowHeads really is MUCH better when you're logged in - not least because you get to post your own messages complaining about things that annoy you like perhaps this banner which, incidentally, disappears when you log in :-)
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Privacy policy

This is a privacy policy for the snowHeads Site. We respect your privacy - really we do!
Below is an outline of the information that we gather and how it is used.
We invite you to contact us if you have questions about this policy. You may contact us by email or private message to the administrator
The overall data policy at snowHeads is to enable you, wherever possible, to remain as controller over your own personal data. To this end we make any personal data we hold on you, accessible to update or delete as you wish.

The basic information required to register to use the snowHeads Site is:
· A valid email address
· A made-up userName
· A password
Email addresses collected from subscription are not sold, or disclosed to any third parties. These addresses will only be used by us to contact members and to send out snowHeads related communications.
Your userName is how you are known to the snowHeads community. It may relate to your (so-called) 'real name' or not: your choice.
While we make all reasonable effort to keep snowHeads secure, we do not have the resources to maintain the sort of security you might expect from a financial institution. We advise strongly that you do not use a password that you use for any high security activities such as online banking.
Non-identifying information may be analyzed, aggregated and presented to third-parties to provide an overview of the demographics of snowHeads' visitors.

Forum Settings:
This additional info, based on choices you make at registration, helps personalise the way snowHeads works for you. To remind yourself of these settings or update them, go to your Forum Profile (Top left, under User Facilities)
This info may be used to:
· customize content based upon user preferences,
· display member status

Personal Data:
You may choose to add further information or, some optional activities may require you to provide further information. For example:
. When you buy something we need an address to send it to
. If you come to one of our events we may need 'real-world' name, contact details, identification etc.
Any such information we hold can be found, updated, edited or deleted by you in your Personal Profile (Top left, under User Facilities)
Some of this info may, at times, need to be given to other parties. eg. A hotel we stay at may be obliged by law to collect identification details of their guests. On such occasions you will be informed explicitly that this is about to take place.

Forum Posts:
Your posts are, in a sense your data but when posting publicly on the forum they become part of a conversation that belongs to the community as a whole. As such we regard the participants in a thread to have a responsibility to each other, and to future readers of the thread, not make that conversation nonsensical via edits or deletion. While many forums do not allow edits or deletions for this reason, we have opted to give you the power, as a registered member, to edit any of your past posts but we ask that in doing so, you pay heed to the conversation that they belong to and respect the time and effort invested by all parties to it.

Cookies are a technology which can be used to provide you with tailored information from a website. A cookie is an element of data that a website can send to your browser, and which your browser may then store on your system. Cookies are used on snowHeads to improve useability of the site eg. to keep you logged in more reliably. We do not currently use cookies for any advertising based functions. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie. Doing this will allow you to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to accept cookies or not.
We may also (though don't usually) use cookies for statistical site-traffic analysis.

Site Visits:
Whenever you request a page through your browser, data such as:
· your IP address,
· browser and version,
· operating system,
· date and time and
· the site from which you came
may be stored in a log file and/or database.
This is used for:
· Website and system administration,
· Research and development, eg. analysis of site performance or bug fixing
· Anonymous user analysis, and
· Providing accurate statistics to advertisers in the form of (fully depersonalised) aggregated data.
Information collected in this process can also be used to prevent banned users from re-registering under a different username.
In the event of a survey appearing on the snowHeads Site, information is collected, compiled and analyzed on an aggregated basis. We may share this aggregated data with future advertisers or future business partners.

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