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Adidas eyewear customer service endorsement

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I've had some Climacool thingamybobs (a136) for a couple of years, and darling junior decided to snap one of the arms off. It turns out, since they're designed like Lego, that this was just a tiny hinge piece that had sheared off. I looked around online and could find these spare parts for sale for eye-watering amounts of money. It's literally 1 pence worth of plastic.

So I emailed their customer care (the UK branch, as they were purchased in Blighty), and they directed me to various UK suppliers who would sell me the spare part, and I said "look, it's a bit complicated because I bought them in the UK and now I live in France, and... well... would you mind just sending me one for free? Ah go on."

So they did. Even though technically the UK department don't deal with France. Arrived a couple of days ago with a compliments slip saying 'happy Christmas' on it.

Adidas everyone!
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