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F is for First Tracks

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
A vaguely masochistic ritual, usually following an extremely heavy night preceding. Usually goes thus-

Upon leaving one's chosen hostelry in a state of acute intoxication, one notices that it is snowing, one's companions also notice and comment upon this. With the bravado of the terminally inebriated an agreement is reached whereby everyone in the group will be on the first lift/helicopter/donkey up the mountain with no exceptions. The next morning comes around all too soon, however it is remarkably easy to prise yourself out of bed for the early breakfast, as you are still drunk. The hangover will wait to set in until you are in the lift queue.

Once on the lift, however, all trepidation ceases, as you survey the magnificent untracked powder field or piste below you. Once at the top of the lift, instead of the usual faffing about with gloves and goggles, something akin to a skiercross start occurs, with everyone fighting to make the first tracks in either the perfect powder snow, or occasionally freshly groomed corduroy. If in deep powder, this is the time to aim for perfect powder eights with a companion.

Bear in mind that if one is at all tardy, there are no friends on a powder day.
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