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F is for Freestyle

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
This is a competitive form of skiing done, to a surprisingly large extent, in the air.

It involves five distinct disciplines.

The traditional:
aerials- using a Kicker to gain huge (up to 15m) lift off the ground ( big air ) in order to perform acrobatic tricks before landing. Points are awarded 20% for Take off, 50% for form in the Air and 30% for Landing.
Moguls - a roughly 250m run including a rail and two jumps. Speed, turn-style and jump-style all count towards marks.
Dual Moguls- when two competitors compete head to head on a mogul run

The modern:
ski cross- 4,6 or 8 skiers race together over bumps, jumps, rollers and banked corners: only speed matters.
Half pipe- Competitors they pass down the length of the half-pipe attempting as many jumps and tricks (Hits) as they can on the way. The largest Half pipes cna have sides as high as 6m and jumps are often as high as 3m above the lip.

Freestyle has a Glossary all of its own relating to the numerous tricks and techniques involved.
Excellent Freestyle Glossary
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Up on Cairngorm in 1974-5 there was loads of ballet skiing, bump skiing and aerials. Heady days.

Inspiration for this stuff originated in the States, where 'hot dogging' got going in the early 1970s, though trick skiing (Royal Christies etc) pre-dated this by decades. In particular there was a great little film made by Salomon called 'Go For It' which we used to play on Super 8 cine-film players in ski shops at the time (these cassettes pre-dated video, which didn't even exist outside broadcasting circles then). I wonder if anyone's converted 'Go For It' to video - a great record of hot skiing at that time.

The greatest name in freestyle skiing in the early-mid 70s was ..... Wayne Wong.

Ballet skiing tricks like 360s, tip drags, outriggers, cross-overs etc. are not that hard to learn. Many involve skiing on the uphill or inside ski, which is useful for balance and versatility.
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