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Ladies Downhill at Val d'Isere

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I was watching the ladies today on Eurosport, downhill and combined (what is that?) and was listening to the commentary. Did anybody else think Chemmy was providing an excellent commentary? She was providing insights into the personalities of the girls and good analysis of their technique, strengths and weaknesses and all during the fast paced action (only spoilt by the insecure male co-commentator who kept cutting her off by shouting).

Now, I, being a life-long couch potato sports fan, have listened to commentary across the entire spectrum of sports, and i must say, Chemmy is almost up there with the best of them....Maskill, Blofeld, Wadell, joke. Her enthusiasm, enjoyment and knowledge of the sport really shines through to the viewer, in her own bubbly style - i for one have never enjoyed a ladies downhill race as much as when accompanied by Chemmy's insightful comments (hence the urge to share this essay with my fellow snowheads).

I hope she continues the commentary, and not just in the ladies events and not just on Eurosport (who are world-renowned for having truly awful commentators), but for the BBC. If they bring back Ski Sunday, i think Chemmy would be excellent as a type of outdoors/roving reporter...much like Brundle does for F1...interviewing the skiers and doing analyses with the slo-mo (using similar technology that was invented by the yanks in NFL and so successfully copied by sky sports premier league coverage)...along with real-time race commentary. It would add a lot of 'life' to the sport if we could know more about the personalities; as opposed to just seeing goggled-up fit birds in lycra doing the same-ish kind of turns (this is where her technical analysis would be benefit to novices like myself).

I know there are folks on here who speak to Chemmy, so I hope they pass on my opinion (if they deem fit - and i hope they take note of the fact that this is more than i've ever written online in my entire life and my hand is hurting). While I understand her desire to continue competing, i think she should find time and DEFINITELY keep this in the back of her mind coz she's a natural. Especially when one considers the truly shocking money some of these third rate commentators (and newsreaders who just read from a pre-scripted autocue) earn.

And another thing...why isnt there a TV team following Chemmy about? "Chemmy. The road to recovery" - kind of catchy, no? I'm a sucker for an underdog/fighting back against the odds type story (think of cute Rocky on skis) and I'd like to see her training and other rehab exercises...along with the inside story of life as a pro. It would do wonders for her profile and the sport as a whole. Skiing really needs to open up; just like F1 are trying to do and snooker has done recently.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
...and before I am berrated/crucified/burned at the stake/chucked off the forum... i didnt mean to imply Chemmy was a dog (under or otherwise) and that she's living life as a 'pro' wink
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