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Best weekend ever!

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Ok so i set off early friday morning from london city airport (well it actually turned out to be heathrow, but thats a different story) arrived in Geneva and drove up to Morzine in the PDS in beautiful sunshine.
On Saturday had one of the BEST days Snowboarding EVER up in Avoriaz! ok so the snow wasnt amazing but it wasnt bad either... it was an awesome day! Most runs were empty, next to no tourists & just generally peacful!
Then on the sunday we popped down to Evian and spent the day nxt to lake Geneva topping up and trying to even out the rather strange tan lines i found myself with after boarding on saturday.
Then arrived back in blighty yesterday evening.... in the sunshine!

Thought i would share my weekend of SNOWFUN with you!

How was everyone elses bank holiday weekends??
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Much the same as you except we went to the EOSB. Left Birmingham in pouring rain on Saturday and arrived in Lyon on time. Nice little Embraer "fighter-jet" aeroplane with only 25 people on it. Instant baggage reclaim, even skis and was on the way to BSM by 12 in a beautiful brand new VW touran (want one!) Got to boiling hot Arc 2000 about 2.10 and hit the slush. Couldn't ski for toffee and fell over into puddles.

Met up with U and other snowHeads for a drink at around 5 and went to the last meal at La Notte in the evening.

Good day's skiing up high at 2000 next day. Mostly in the col, but the Aiguille Rouge was still good at 4 in the afternoon. Ventured over to the (closed) 1800 side and saw a small avalanche which Bev skied through the debris from on the piste.

Monday took easiski up to Tignes where the snow was better than it was at Easter and had an excellent lesson up there. Left Tignes at 2.00 but got held up by an overturned lorry on the road back. very rapid shower and hello/goodbye to PG (big regret we couldn't spend more time with you, Pete) and made it to the airport Ok. Back in Brum by 9.30 and home by 10.30.

Not a bad way to use up a Bank Holiday weekend! Burnt to a frazzle and very Panda. EOSB for a weekend. Was it worth it? Oh yes.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Definatly worth it!!! if i could...i would do it every weekend!
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 You need to Login to know who's really who.
You need to Login to know who's really who.
How was everyone elses bank holiday weekends??

Quite similar. Flew out of City airport to Geneva on Thursday evening after work and spent the weekend high up in Val Thorens, returning early on Tuesday morning. There was plenty of snow cover and the upper runs were great but the weather was a bit hot for my liking. Several jealous enquiries from colleagues on Tuesday morning!
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