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Review of La Plagne 1800 – Rose II Chalet

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I have just returned from my first skiing holiday in La Plagne 1800 and offer you my comments relating to location, the accommodation and the service received.

I will try to provide an objective overview but as this was my first ski trip I do not have any existing experience to make a fair comparison.

We stayed in Rose II catered chalet, booking and travelling with Crystal (TUI)

La Plagne 1800 was a nice small village with easy access to the surrounding villages and ski slopes. Nearby La Plagne Centre is busier with more bars and restaurants, but for a family we found 1800 to be just right. There are regular buses to and from each village that take about 5 minutes. If you do not want to ski down the blue run (with a bit of red at the end) directly into La Plagne 1800 or you fancy visiting another village you can simply get the free bus. There are two ski lifts within easy reach of most accommodation in the village that provide access to the entire ski area (by connecting lifts) which provides an excellent range of slopes for all abilities.

The Rose II chalet was well placed with easy access to both ski lifts, the ski school meeting points and most of the ski hire shops. The chalet directly overlooks some of the slopes, one of the ski lifts, and has mountain views to the right. There are two bars very close to the chalet (La Mine and La Loop) and a restaurant a brief walk across the nursery slope. The good location of the chalet is definitely a positive for anyone that does not want to walk too far for lifts.

One of the reasons for selecting this chalet was due to its proximity to the crèche and we were not disappointed. The crèche is practically connected. No need to put on all your ski clothes and wrap up the kids. Simply grab the children’s stuff and nip down a few stairs to the crèche entrance. The crèche was nice enough and my little girl was happy to spend 3 hours in the morning with the staff. By the end of the week she was only too pleased to see Donna who was very friendly.

We were quite pleased with our choice of accommodation. The chalet itself is a nice simple open plan layout. There are no frills but then I did not expect luxury from a chalet. The accommodation is comfortable and relaxing after a day on the slopes. The food was OK, but the portion size was disappointing. In fact it became a running joke between guests and on reflection is something that Crystal should resolve if they want to avoid complaints. However, the wine was free flowing with dinner and it was nice to socialise with the guests over dinner and a few drinks. We spoke to other Crystal chalet customers on the plane journey home and it sounds like we got a rough deal as others reported too much food!

Another reason for choosing La Plagne 1800 was that it is supposed to be high enough for snow early in the season. We visited over New Year and there was plenty of snow on the ground (that is as technical as I get) and it snowed on several days. We had mixed weather with some clear blue days, some snowy days (about 6 inches) and even some rain on one day. Most of the skiers seemed happy enough with the quality of the piste and we heard no complaints.

I would happily return to any of the villages around La Plagne and thoroughly enjoyed my first ski experience. Can’t wait to go again. snowHead Would I use Crystal again? I’m not sure, but never say never just in case they have a cracking deal.

Please remember that my review is that of a first time skier so please do not rip it to shreds over technicalities.
Smile Smile
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Mike-H wrote:
Please remember that my review is that of a first time skier so please do not rip it to shreds over technicalities.
Smile Smile

Nah it's a great trip report - nice one!!

Everyone has different interpretations of resorts and thankfully we all like different things - otherwise we'll all be in in resort x and nobody in resort y.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Mike-H, how things have changed! I went to Plagne 1800 in 1991 and it was largely a building site with one shop, one restaurant and a few blocks of shoebox apartments. There was only one piste back and one chairlift out of 1800 in those days and the snow wasn't good. I found myself not liking La Plagne at all. The accommodation was cramped and poorly equipped, 1800 itself was duller than a dull thing and the bus up to Plagne Centre was always packed out.

It certainly sounds as if the resort has changed for the better. Glad you had such a good time. I guess you're as hooked as the rest of us now. Very Happy
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 You need to Login to know who's really who.
You need to Login to know who's really who.
Much of La Plagne is built purely for skiing which may well be true of many locations. I can assure any readers that there is no building work and the La Plagne area is a nice collection of villages all connected by lifts and short bus journeys. The buses always have room these days as you can ski in and get lifts out of every location.


There was only one piste back and one chairlift out of 1800 in those days and the snow wasn't good.

There are 2 lifts out.
1 - The 1800 lift (boring name) - which is probably the one you used. This takes you to the Golf lift (equally boring name) and a wide blue run. From here you can head in several directions. Not long but wide enough for idiots like me to improve their turns.
2. The Melezes lift - Takes you to a nice green run for Newbies near the centre (used it on many occasions) and to the Bergerie lift which takes you to lots of options.

I saw three routes into 1800.
1. The Blue run mentioned above which runs from The Bergerie lift down.
2. Another blue from Aime La Plagne and
3. A scary looking red which runs from the golf lift down. Whilst I nearly took that route in error due losing control I managed to sit my backside down before I went too far Very Happy

We found it really easy getting about. Met people who had returned for a few years as they love the access to some many areas. I just hung around the local area though as I am far too inexperienced to be venturing too far.

I would agree that La Plagne 1800 is not a party village but you are so near the centre those needing a louder atmosphere will be OK. We were two young families and we loved 1800 as we spent our afternoons sipping on a cold beer outside a quiet bar/restaurant whilst building snow men, sliding on sledges, having snowball fights and generally making the kids laugh.
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