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Val Thorens boot purchase / fitting / ski hire

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Hi all. This is my first topic of my own so be gentle. wink

I'm off to Val Thorens in the middle of January and I am considering buying my own boots after hearing that they are significantly more comfortable with more control and feedback. Not definite just yet, but I was wondering whether anyone could recommend a decent place to both hire gear and to get boots fitted, perhaps with a discount of boot hire if I purchased them during the trip. Getting a decent fit is the most important thing though obviously, so someone who knows what they're doing would be an advantage. Laughing

I've done a search on here and found there's an independant shop up there called Zenith that has been recommended a couple of times in general, but not for boot fitting that I have found. There are the usual suspects in terms of international outfits too, but again, not much in the way of recommendations for boot fitting.

Perhaps I am looking at it the wrong way round. Would I be better off going to somewhere like Profeet in town get getting them adjusted in one of their partners in the 3 Valleys if they don't fit properly? (Can of worms just opened I suspect!) To me it makes sense to buy the boots and get them fitted out there so any issues can be immediately addressed out there. I can't see them being happy exhanging boots that aren't right that have been bought from another country.

The rest of our group are looking at Ski Republic to hire thier skis because of the 2 for 1 offer and being able to choose your kit before you get out there. I actually would prefer the flexibility of being able to try a couple of different skis rather than definitely having one pair for the week so that isn't a big deal for me, although their pricing is very competitive. Presumably if they're so keen pricewise they're not going to have the best people working in their shops for boot fitting are they? Am I perhaps better off hiring skis from one place and getting boots fitted in the first evening or the first morning?

Thanks for reading. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. Smile
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