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Dodgy shops / Disintegrating Flow bindings

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Until recently I have been a big fan of Flow snowboard bindings. A couple of months ago I replaced my old Mk3's with the "THE5" model which was when my problems started. Once on holiday with the bindings, after 4 days of use I noticed that the cable connecting the base to the back had started to wear through where the cable rubs on the hiback and the inner metal strands started to fray . On my return to the UK I requested a full refund and I returned items to the retailer. For various reasons I probably shouldn't refer to them by their exact name, so for the sake of argument I'll refer to them as Robbing Hood Watersports...

Essentially they say they returned the bindings to Flow who had not seen this specific problem before and could not offer any precise explanation for the fault. There has been no dispute that the goods were returned within a reasonable length of time, however the retailer has claimed that they are not obliged to refund any faulty used items returned to them and that they are only obliged to offer a repair - a direct contravention of the Sale of Goods Act. An exchange of emails followed before I issued an ultimatum for a refund which they have not provided. Furthermore I specifically requested that they held onto them until the matter was resolved however they attempted to return the items to me by overnight courier approximately 7 days later.

Because the retailer offered to repair the items, my credit card company would only pursue the matter further on my behalf when I pointed out to them that they are jointly responsible for purchases over £100, and they if they did not comply I would contact the financial services ombudsman.

Also, although i have not dealt with them directly, I object to being treated as an unpaid tester by Flow.

I hope that this helps you all regarding your selection of bindings and who you choose to purchase them from. Confused
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