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Ladies: Talk to me about the Rossignol Experience 82 Ti and the Volkl Kenja 88

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
(Still) looking for a new ski for my daughter. Her current skis (Rossi Famous 6 Ltd) do not have enough edge hold for the speeds she skis at. She tried a Racetiger GS ski on the school ski trip this year and loved it, but it's probably not the right ski for general use. What she likes to do is ski fast on piste in all conditions. Her off piste experience is minimal but it would be nice to have a ski that offered the chance to enjoy some if possible. Whatever ski she chooses must be usable in all conditions and must have strong edge hold. My own research has led me to thinking that either the 2023 Kenja 88 or the 2022/23 Rossi Experience 82 Ti would do her quite nicely.

Do any of you own or have skied these latest models (not the previous iterations) and, if so, what are your thoughts?
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