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Dolomites ski safaris 20/01/2024 and 27/01/2024

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I’ve a private ski safari in the Dolomites from 27/01/24 to 03/02/2024 ending in Arabba in time for the birthday bash

Its the same week as the pre birthday bash and have 2 spaces

Its travelling from refugio to refugio so we get to cover areas of the dolomites that are off the sella ronda

Its not ski touring as we stay in nice places and don’t have to carry all our stuff round with us

Some info on

We all had such a good time this year with our guide Alex (ex- Olympian, racer, instructor and all round good bloke) I’ve booked again

The 2 spaces ideally for a twin share and keen skiers to join us and make the private up to 7. We tend to ski 1st lift to later lunch then to the last lift or next place. Having an expert guide means the best conditions though-out the day

Personally I would like to make it 2 weeks starting 20/01/2024, for this I need a total of 3 or 4 extra on the 1st week, 2 of course could do both

If I book 2 weeks the middle Saturday may not be at arabba (transfers for those doing 1 week can be sorted) , basically I’ll leave the ski plan to alex but want to visit kronplatz, san pelligrino and try to enjoy areas outside the sella ronda

Based on this year approx costs are
€1900 per person per week for the holiday ex lift pass, flights and transfers, would budget for around a 10% increase (twin share) i will bag the single for the extra

Airport private transfer €320 each way for the group, there is also the fodom shuttle bus to/from venice

Lift passes best online via dolmite superski, their new system works well, if you’re looking at more than about 22 days in the dolomites a season pass bought early makes sense

Flights, best is to try and to get into venice marco polo before 12 noon on the Saturday or get in on the friday and stay near the airport.

Though its not an off piste trip everyone needs the avi kit to keep the right side of italian law should there be an opportunity for some suitable fluffy stuff.

If you’re interested or have any questions please PM me or email

I need to confirm numbers by the end of the month with arabba, the price is based on minimum 6, more than 6 its that price per person, less than 6 spaces need to be paid for got 5 so far for 1 week

Im booked on the snowheads 20th birthday bash 3-10/02/2024
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Now booked and confirmed for 5 of us for the 27/01/2024 week, me single man and 2 twin ladies shares
Price is €1950 per per person and will reduce to €1850 per person if we get 7

So still looking for 2 more, twin share preferably for 27/01 to 03/02

Have 3 of us interested in starting 20/01 and doing 2 weeks, not booked yet as need min 2 pref 4 more
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