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Eurotunnel on 31 March and then driving to Portes Du Soleil on Saturday

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Hi It's been while since I travelled in peak half term time by car, should I definitely expect 3 hrs delays to get to Folkestone on Friday afternoon ?

The plan is to be at M1xM25 junction at around 2-3pm, what is the best time to book Eurotunnel for then (~1.5 hrs drive without traffic from that point) ?
The cheapest tickets are from 8pm I believe, or that would be too late, I may not get an earlier departure in this period - better to buy lets say 6pm departure and posssibly be late ?

Then I plan to drive to F1 in Reims, stay overnight and then hit the road early in the morning - hoping to get the skis before rentals close on Saturday.

Does it all sound reasonable given I can't leave earlier and need to be at the hotel on the 1st ?

Any other tips for a mostly French summer holidays driver?

p.s. Going back mid week 11-12 apr, I suppose there shouldn't be any issues then, dodging both UK return traffic and French school holidays start/finish ? Cool
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
31 March isn’t peak season. It’s a Friday so M25 will be busy. I would say allow 2.5 hours to get to tunnel. Book for 17.30?

Once you are through Reims is c.2.5 hours. Early start (0600?) would have you in the PDS after 5.5 hours driving time so say 14.00 allowing for stops/faffing.

All entirely straight forward.

Going home should be quiet.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Thanks a lot, this is quite reassuring.

Just curious, why is 31st not peak, start of 2 week school holidays, or it only gets busy in the summer? Eurotunnel website warns it will be ..
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 You need to Login to know who's really who.
You need to Login to know who's really who.

I'd do your very best to get to M1/M25 jcn for 2pm. Might make a big difference getting around the stretch to Dartford Crossing if you are an hour or two later.
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 Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Easter is slightly less busy than Feb half term. The worst bit will be the M25/M20 on Friday afternoon.

That week is also not a school holiday in France, so you've only got the Dutch and Belgium drivers to worry about. And so there should be fewer traffic jams on the A40 near Geneva.
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