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Telemark Skis - what would you really like?

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I am posting this for Dan, currently working his way to L2 in April. This sounds like a fun idea!

Hi there, I am working on my telemark teaching certifications and in this process stopped by a local ski shop/manufacturer to ask for some volunteer/shadowing time. Instead of tasking me with filling internet orders or taking recycling out, he suggested that we collaborate on designing a telemark specific ski. So my question to all of you is: What qualities, attributes, characteristics, dimensions would you like to see in a ski specific to telemark turns? Do you have a favourite ski already that could perhaps be enhanced in some way? Think one-ski-quiver ski for “free riding” and “all-mountain.” The manufacturer formerly worked for Faction and this genre is his forte. His new brand is Norse, based here in Göteborg, Sweden. I will collect provided information and attempt to distill commonalities If things pan out, there will be a short run of about 50 pairs this summer for trial in the 2023/24 season. Thank you for your time and attention, Dan
Here's a link to the skis..

And here’s a review.,absolutely%20rails%20carving%20on%20piste.%E2%80%9D

Please comment below. Thanks!
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
I would love to see some telemark specific skis! Think there are already some in the US (Telemarkdown). My problem in finding telemark skis is that I demoed them on alpine binding and I liked them. Subsequently bought a pair and mounted tele binding on them and the feeling is quite a bit different. Right now I have Mantra M5 which I really liked when I demoned them. They still ski decent on tele binding but it's a bit of hard work to really drive them as they are quite stiff.

Contrary to most people I don't prefer tele skis that are too soft possibly because I'm normally lucky enough to be skiing in good powder condition (and sometimes too lazy to earn my turns). So I end up spending most of my time in resorts. Skiing the occasional off-piste (or in between pistes depending on your view) with stiff skis is fine as long as they float.

Then there is the length issue. People seem to agree tele skis should be shorter than the equivalent alpine skis and I think I would agree although I have never tried skiing on shorter tele skis before. My tele skis are the same height as me. I feel like shorter skis would be more nimble.

For the ideal kind of tele skis, I would like them to be no less than 90mm underfood yet has a reasonable short radius (say 15m) so you could ski moguls or trees with them. Stiff but not too stiff so that they are not playful (M5 is definitely not playful). Stability on high speed yet light enough so that they float on powder and can take them on the occasional tours. Some of these are contradictions to be to that's the holy grail.

Conscious you are specifically asking for skis but bindings are equally important if not more. My bindings are reasonably active (freedom) so I'm happy with (relatively) stiffer skis.
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