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New goggles fit for purpose or user error?

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
@marcellus, ....whilst double lens are not evacuated, there should be no easy means of water getting in (or out) of the space between the lens - unless there is a defect in the manufacture. As I mentioned, Bolle have an 'insurance' valve made of GoreTex, that works. Smith of a certain vintage also have a small vent, which in our experience does not. One person I know puts their lens into a bag and into a med drier for half an hour. That's quite extreme. I had a problem with one Oakley lens on one high sun day after much rain. I took out the lens, left it in its bag on a very warm radiator and that fixed the problem...that lens has been fine since. But then I had a pair of Scotts - as I mentioned - which were complete cheese. Wet between the lens all the time. Dried them out, they did it again. And again. They went back.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
I've seen this fogging quite a bit this season on my Smith i/o (double layer lenses) as well as a few various goggles my friends are using. Basically, the foam that separates the two layers is not air/water tight - as it needs to equalize the pressure. It never happens to me on days that it rains - but it does happen to me the next day, if I don't very deliberately dry the lenses out. It doesn't take much, but a little bit of moisture in the foam will get into the air, and when it warms, fog up. Storing the lenses in a damp goggle bag overnight in my ski bag, with other damp clothes? Enough moisture will work its way into the lens to fog up about 2 minutes after I put them on. Without fail. Every time.

The best way I've found to deal with it is to rest the lens on the defogger of the car on my way home and to the mountain if I think they got wet. Gentle heat, and you'll see them fog up pretty quick. Leave them there for the ride, turning them once in a while, and eventually you'll see them dry out entirely. Store them in a dry environment until the next time you go, and they'll be fine. Another way that helped in a pinch, though it took a while, was to use the hand dryer in the restrooms on the goggles for a while.
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