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Was the bootfitter right?

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Where do you stand on money versus comfort? How much does she ski? How sporty/competitive is she? My prior pair were very correctly tightly fitted by the folks in Leamington spa, but needed endless tweaking to get a comfortable fit, including eventually Colin himself... And by the time they had it right I carried too much residual annoyance to every love them.

My current pair are probably a size too big (admitted by me and the fitter) but were comfy and responsive from day one and gave me many happy years of skiing, as I only do 1 week a year! Although in theory they wouldn't give the same performance as a tighter fit, -i- am so much more comfy I ski FAR better in them and I'm more than happy to have to change them after 'only' 10 or so weeks use when they are getting a bit sloppy. If I was still racing or skiing seasons it would be different but an unfit, overweight leisure skier (or me) id go for comfy every time. Jess
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