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Partially sighted skier: Continuing adventures while guiding a VI skier in the GM

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
@SaraJ, Made a really huge difference today, as everything got quite cut up and bumpy, and I was able to describe the snow conditions and what I was going to turn on, and as you mentioned about "hearing what you are actually skiing on" via the headphones helped no end. VI skier has said she enjoyed doing bumpy / cut up stuff for the first time in ages today.

@philwig, thanks for the picture, I am actually currently thinking our lettering is not big enough.

@Dave of the Marmottes, You may be correct as we had some weirdness today, on one or two bumpy sections we had some come past us and then a few spectacular crashes, one in particular in Samoens on a very bumpy bit and we were in quick short turn mode around the bumps, this guy comes past well too close to the front of me, and then flies of the side of the piste on his backside............I am guessing they think VI skier, must get past, but then don't realise she is actually quite good and go a bit quick for their own good................or perhaps get a surprise when they find there are two of us (rather than one) as she has been very close today and actually hit the back of my skis once or twice.

There did seem to be quite a bit of rather strange skiing of bumps today.

Going to be snowy tomorrow...............
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