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What binding and plate to mount on Volkl Racetiger SL R FIS 2017 ???

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I’ve acquired an (2016-2017) FIS approved full camber 157mm length 65mm width (116_65.5_100) Volkl Racetiger SL R with UVO, plates and bindings undrilled! The skis have been previously used and pictures are attached, try to guess the price I paid because to remount them I expect to be spending even more.

The goal of this ski is not for racing, although I’d like to be able to take it down the racetrack. I am refitting this ski for free ski carving on frontside Ice/scraped hardpack/race conditions when I visit the East Coast.

Currently here are the plate and binding options that are available to me and I have been looking at. These are my own personal recommendations to myself after several day of researching the newest gear. Please feel free to recommend an option I have not posted below with the prices for each gear and picture links for all plates since there doesn’t seem to be many plate pictures available on the Internets to check for compatibility. Prices in brackets means variable to change i.e. sale markdown, it is the lowest prices I’ve found. I am looking for performance over affordability because I know prices could drop and gear then becomes affordable most times.

Pictures of the skis - Volkl RaceTiger Speedwall SL R UVO 157mm 2017 -

Option 1-

Marker 2020 Race Xcell 24 Ski Bindings one size 85mm - [$342.95]

Marker Riser Race Plates 10mm - $37.32 -

I’m looking at this marker binding and plate pair because it comes recommended by the Volkl workbook for mounting this ski, also it‘ll match the UVO in colour and branding. I think it’s the piston plate this ski came with or a newer model variation which will fit xcell bindings, maybe someone can tell based on the hole pattern that has been plugged. Also, can you drill a plate into plugged holes if it fits exactly?

Option 2 -

Look 2020 SPX 15 Rockerace Ski Bindings one size <80mm - [$239.99]

Fischer Riser Race Split Plates 14mm - $37.32 -

I chose this as an option just because I was looking at the pivots and was thinking that LOOK must also make race bindings so why not consider going with this race instead. I don’t currently know how to get my hands on LOOK R22 WC Race Plates for SPX so I’m looking at Fischer split plates with no predrilled holes instead because they are more readily available. I heard this split plate will really soften up the middle of the ski (not sure if that’s because it is a split plate or because it is 14mm in thickness).

Option 3 -

Look 2020 Pivot 18 Ski Bindings 75mm - [$299.96]

Fischer Riser Race Split Plates 14mm - $37.32 -


Rossignol Riser Race Plates 15mm - $39.99 -

So my favourite option is the pivots because they were originally race bindings so were built to fit the FIS rules and nothing more. Not sure how pivots will perform on ice and carving conditions because I do not recall ever skiing pivots before, maybe someone has and can explain. The forza colourway is really something else for the 2020 model so that is a plus, not to mention the binding being 75mm while the other options are over 80mm. These are said to have the greater elasticity so a lowered din, possibly the minimum setting would be in order. I am either going to mount these on the Fischer split plates (same as in Option 2) or Rossignol Riser Race Plates which were used previously on old 9s wc slaloms which were 64mm underfoot and mounted with FKS 12’s 75mm bindings.

A side question to ponder, what is the difference between a 10mm, 14mm, and 15mm thickness race plate performance and style wise? What does a higher rise enable and do on a race ski?


I am missing/lost a screw on one of the UVO pieces, can someone please check if they have an extra or know how to acquire the screw replacement for this missing screw or even the exact screw specs. I would greatly appreciate this.
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