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19/20 Scott Patrol E1 AP 22/30/40 Supercapacitor Powered Electric Avalanche Airbag

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I first posted about the Scott packs containing Alpride's E1 supercapacitor powered avi bag in Sept 2018:

These packs were the hot ticket last year and 99% of the production was sold by the time they arrived in the autumn and the last few packs were gone by Christmas. In fact demand was so high that none of the Scott staff managed to get one via their employee & family deal.

Last year the pack was only available in the 30 litre size. For 19/20 it is still available in the 30 but also in both 22 and 40 litre sizes. The packs are available either as a full system (ie the pack containing the E1 avi bag system) or a pack only (ie no E1 system). The internal E1 system is the same across all three pack sizes and can be swapped from one pack size to another. Note that you cannot buy the internal E1 system seperately. There is a chance that the internal E1 system will be available seperately in the future but if that happens it won't be until 20/21 at the earliest.

For 19/20 both the 30 litre pack and the E1 system is unchanged in both specification and price. However the pack now comes with an additional feature which is a stowable mesh helmet carrier so you're getting a bit more for your money.

The reason for this post is that what also hasn't changed from last season is the availability. I've ordered considerably more than last season for delivery in the autumn but I've already pre-sold all of my 22 and 40 sizes and two thirds of my 30's. I've just contacted Scott to see if I can increase my stock order and they are already completely sold out of all three sizes.

Ok, yes I sell these, but this is a genuine heads-up to snowHeads that these are again selling like hot cakes so if you fancy one you'll need to act quickly and hot foot it down to your local Scott dealer (wink) or you'll miss out like plenty of people did last season, many of them snowHeads. I've only got the 30 litre full system packs left so if you want a different size or a 30 litre pack only you'll have to find another Scott retailer that still has one.

For 19/20 the Alpride E1 system will also be available in a 26 litre (only) Black Diamond pack and it contains the exact same E1 system as in the Scott packs. Confusingly it's called the Jetforce Tour 26L which makes it sound like it contains Black Diamonds Jetforce battery operated pack but it is the E1 supercapacitor system. The Jetforce Tour 26 is actually available in two lengths: a S/M length which is 24 litres (2.53kg) and the M/L length which is the 26 litre capacity (2.63kg). Annoyingly they have not yet published the actual dimensions of each pack. The list price for the Jetforce Tour 26 in both lengths is £850 compared to £800 for the Scott 30 litre (2.67kg) version. I'm also offering the Black Diamond packs but as they're only offering the E1 in the 26 litre size it means that if you want something larger the only solution is the 30 or 40 litre Scott packs. The Black Diamond packs are also diagonal ski carry only whereas the Scott can carry skis both diagonally or vertically/A frame.

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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
@spyderjon, found my pack to be super easy to use, easy to charge and repack after testing. The helmet mesh was all that was missing (it was annoying when on my first taste of touring for helmet to be. Inning around). Can you buy them separately?
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
@Bennyboy1, they're not shown separately in the price list but I've just email Scott to see if they can be ordered as a spare part and I'll let you know.
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