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Visor helmet fitting

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Sorry for such a looong post and for it being about visor helmets as I can see there have been a few posts in the last 6 months. I have obediently looked at old threads though using
thanks to @t4tomo who helpfully posted the link on a previous topic about visors. I haven't found the answer to my query though.

I have just bought a CP Camurai helmet in XS (size 53 to 55) and it looks great but I was not expecting such a gap between the cushioned lower rim of the visor and my (rather small) face. To give you an idea, I can fit my ring and middle finger (one on top of the other vertically) between my cheek and the visor edge. The actually helmet bit fits well on my head (which is 53cm).

Having never bought a visor helmet I'm not sure what I should be expecting. I live in Bristol and the 2 local ski shops don't have a great selection of visor helmets for small people (I'm 154cm, 43kg so a bit of a midget). So, for those of you who have them, how are they meant to fit and how much of a gap should there be between the lower margins of the visor and your face? Should I consider buying a kids visor helmet which may suit my face shape a bit more? My current helmet is a women's XS Smiths Optics Vantage (size 51-55cm) so I can usually fit an adult size!Puzzled
Thanks for any supportive advice.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Decathlon have a good range of visor helmets (well at least the one I go to does). Might be worth going trying a few of those, haven't bought one yet but I have found they fit me and my current helmet is a Smiths so I guess they are a similar shape.
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