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Justify buying Ski Boots

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
"When is the 'right' time to buy your own Ski Boots? "

When you can no longer stand the stench of rental boots is a pretty good time. Skullie
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Cheapest pair on decathalon website currently for male £89.99 with free delivery. This would not be my choice, but for a complete beginner who wishes to try out skiing for a few weeks this might be an option which would compare to ski hire boots. (might even be better than)

The flex would give too much for me, as I put a lot of pressure when doing turns but for a beginner/intermediate these boots would allow some give and let you fall over a lot without much issue. The reviews seem to be reasonable, although they are mostly in German/French/Spanish.

The next level up for males would be around £150-£200 with free delivery. This offers some entry level brand names with a lot of experience. Higher flex levels for intermediate level skiing. There are also some touring boots at this price too.

None of these boots purchased over the internet offer custom moulded footbeds as part of the deal. This may or may not be essential to you as a beginner/intermediate. (over time a footbed will mould itself due to use) : Some of the boot liners are thermomouldable at home in your oven! Read the details and instructions carefully!

I think if you are buying a boot over £200 you should really go to a boot fitter. Otherwise, these over the internet deals without fitting seem like a good deal for a beginner/intermediate who is looking to get some comfort and cost saving over hire boots.

Takes 10 weeks ski boot hire at £20 per week to equal £200, but only 4.5 weeks at £89.99.
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