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Whats going to be the hot or cool planks for this winter?

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I'll be along next weekend to the October test in Hemell Fridge, and start to salivate over the skis I'll probably be using over the winter.
I confess I can't see myself buying any skis as it cost nearly the price of top class rentals for a week against paying for the ski carriage with Sleazy Jet.
Plus I get the chance to try out the new kit.
Also it will probably have the factory wax on it still when I pick them up on the first day of the Pre Season Bash.
Then again, if I don't like them I can swap them or if we get a fresh fall I can take out something for the deeper snow.

What I always anticipate is "What will be on the racks".

Like most of us I have my favourite brands and styles.
Its a bit like renting a car, you don't know what you've got till they hand you the keys so the Golf you were expecting turns out to be a "similar" Nissan.

The ski rental shops tend to try and hook you in with some advance purchase discounts, but then I wonder am I going to end up with a "Similar" again.

After I've shelled out a of heap time of wonga on a ski holiday I just don't want to feel that its perhaps not as good as it could be by not having the best set of rails I can get by saving a just a few "Alpin Dollar$".

I know I wont be able to come to much of a decision next weekend on what to look for but I'm still going to act eager and try and suck up some knowledge.

Last year on the Pre Season Bash I went to the shop that offered us the best snow heads discount and it was a really good deal, but I found the actual skis I got felt a bit tired and abused, they gave me something else which did not excite me at all so I tried another shop.

OK, it was pretty pricey but they had brand spanking new Head Magnums which was something I wanted to try.
They were so new and pristine that when I went to put them on I noticed that there was a great big sticker on the base still.
The difference was immense ... I don't know if it was because my hang over had subsided or they were just a better ski, but I felt I was really skiing better on them.
(I think a bit of both)
On the last day we had few inches of fresh snow, so I though.. "Time for a change".
Another brand new pair of skis .. Salomon XDR 84. These were great fun in the soft snow and felt very soft and cuddly.

I went to Zell am See in Feb and took out the Head Magnums again, still loved them.

I was hoping to get the same again at the End of Season Bash, but the best they could offer me at The Oxalys was a pair of very dull looking Salomon XMax X12
These were the dark horses that I should have been riding all along, I just loved them after first being disappointed when I saw the dull top sheet.

Sorry, I'm just blabbing on here now.

I'm just wondering what the shopping list should be for this year when I visit the rental shops again this December?

Que Sera, Sera
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
@DrLawn, it depends what you want to ski, but I didn't find anything better when I went out testing this season's skis with my local shop to Kitzbuhel at the end of last season than the nordica enforcer 100s I already had.

Easily the best ski i have skied and I have been out on ski tests for 3 of the last 4 seasons so have tried quite a few.

Even on piste I prefer them to my head titans, although for true piste performance you need a set of race skis.

They do them in a 90mm width too if you want something thinner.

Unfortunately I have never seen them in a rental shop, but I always like to have my own so I can prep them how I want to.
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