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Speed Dating 19 New Skis for Next Season....

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
We completed a whirlwind series of runs on 19 different skis for next year at the Stratton tradeshow in Vermont USA and have some observations about some skis from these brands people might find interesting...

Black Crows

Curious to hear anyone's opinions if they tried any of these skis....Cheers....
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Nice reviews. I was interested in the DPS 106 as a potentiel touring ski but nowhere to test it here and based on previous experience with a 112 Hybrid and the current daily driver - the superb 124 A’s, veering towards the 112 A’s. Have you skied those?

Here was the DPS guys summary:
Alchemist Wailer 106 background:
The Wailer 106 is a whole new take on the award winning Wailer family. The Wailer 106 benefits from a refined rocker line and Chassis-inspired sidecut, which provides instant engagement and a smooth turn finish. It is a ski that bends around your boot, begging you to modulate the radii in your arcs as you carve or slarve through a diverse range of snow and terrain.

The W106 comfortably carves an 18m turn radius at any length and it's dimensions are 135/106/124. This ski has been specifically designed to offer up phenomenal frontside performance, while still providing outstanding powder performance. I reach for the W106 regularly on days when I know it will be deep in the morning and get tracked out by mid afternoon. This ski really begs to be driven on and off piste and will always answer the call whenever you want to push it to the limit.

Touring is an absolute dream on this ski. It comfortably breaks trail and is very polite in the skin track. The Wailer106 is really a utility knife that delivers broad pleasure and predictable precision due to its Chassis-driven rocker and sidecut design.

Alchemist Wailer 112 background:
The redesigned Alchemist Wailer 112 is truly the centerpiece of any skier's quiver. It's equally at home pulling loaded g's on packed snow as it is slashing a wave feature or surfing powder. It's as close to a one ski quiver to anything I have ever ridden- it has become the new standard in versatility- it's fun everywhere.

The Alchemist Wailer 112 is an incredible tool. It skis powder like a dream, carves windbuff and groomers, and simply destroys spring mank and corn snow conditions. Surfing and slarving come naturally and when you lay them over the sidecut takes charge. The Wailer 112 is broadly regarded as the leader in this shape-class. The design is formulated to be powerful, responsive and carve with grace across the fall line, while still maintaining a loose, surfy and nimble deep snow ride. The Alchemist construction specifically rev's up the horsepower, while still maintaining an ultra light build for efficiency of motion while descending.

Touring is a dream, rocker makes breaking trail really fun, and response is lightning fast in the trees. The 112 is a blast to ski, it actually does carve a 15-18 meter radius turn on windbuff and groomers. You can load it up during the turn and when you release it, you're laid out in the next turn like you are on a pair of slalom skis. The heavily rockered tip and tail take over off trail. It's pretty cool to fly off the trail on a carving ski and land on a powder ski.

Tour1 background:
Tour1 is a targeted lightweight backcountry build that targets fast ascents and class-leading downhill performance. Tour1 skis are comparable in weight to the lightest BC touring skis on the market while offering superior alpine performance on the descent. The Tour1 construction is specifically tuned to be softer than our Pure 3 construction, and is perfectly matched to AT boots and bindings.

TOUR1: Prepreg Carbon + Glass Tour1 Laminate
-Full cap textured polyamide top
-Narrow profile Rockwell 48 edges
-Prepreg carbon / glass Tour1 laminate
-Balsa core
-Fastest and hardest World Cup race bases
Check out the Tour1 construction video here.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
BobinCH wrote:
Nice reviews. I was interested in the DPS 106 as a potentiel touring ski but nowhere to test it here ....

I am a big fan of the DPS line owning/having owned the 99 Hybrid and Pure 3 in 191, the 106 in 191 Pure 3 (16/17) , the Lotus 138 in Hybrid and the 112 RPC in Pure 3 and Special Edition (which I am told is Alchemist equivalent).

Other skis that I ski and like - Volkl BMT 109 in 186, Head Kore 105 in 189(comes up as 107 u/foot).

I'm 186 cm and 95-100kg depending on which end of the season we are Skullie ...

Generally skiing Euro offpiste , 80% Dynafit Beast 14, some Pivots.

Soooo. .... Massively disappointed with 106 on harder snow/piste. Not as exciting as W112 or W99 in soft . Seems to be a totally different paddle shape, sidecut , tail than the 99 and 112. Probably bought it too long. Much prefer the Head Kore in 105 as an all day weapon, which (like Rossi Soul 7 but done a better job ) seems to have ripped off the Wailer 112 paddle geometry but just slightly eased off the rise in the tip and tail so that you can definitely feel like you are carving it properly on piste. I have gummi'd the tail contact points so i can skid release when i want to. (maybe I should do the same with the 106's? ). The only major difference is that the Head doesn't initiate the turn in powder with the same ease and so naturally as the W99 or the W112 RPC - but it is close and no tip dive even with the calmer rise.

So I guess I am saying - dont expect the 112 and 124 joy to translate to the 106!! My 106s are sat in my locker in Flaine and QK'd for Beast 14 - if it weren't for a fresh calf tear I would suggest that we give them a go - after a day on my Lotus last Sat for the 1st time ever the 124s are now on my shopping list!!
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 You need to Login to know who's really who.
You need to Login to know who's really who.
mishmash wrote:
........if it weren't for a fresh calf tear.....

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 Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
spyderjon wrote:
mishmash wrote:
........if it weren't for a fresh calf tear.....


Minor, I have had a very decent 9 weeks quality skiing!! it is honking down outside right now which is a bit of a shame ....
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