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val disere with ski bonjour

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
my trip report from a great week staying with ski bonjour in val disere. we flew from bristol to geneva on sunday, and remarkably we managed to fly out on time as many flights were cancelled due to snow at bristol and geneva, transfer from geneva was with bens bus, it departed an hour late but the journey to val disere was easy. we stayed in the chalet grande athenaise in the la daille sector, and the chalet was a one minute walk to the slopes. ski bonjour had the ski hire company deliver the skis to the chalet and took them away at the end of the week,the chalet itself was lovely, the food was great, the chalet hosts were exellent, and as you never know who you are going to share your chalet with our fellow guests were good company, the chalet holds 8 people and besides me and my friend we had 4 mad welsh people and a young couple from manchester, the young man proposed to his girlfriend at the top of the grande motte during the week which added something to the chalet atmosphere. i am usually the quiet one and my friend is the noisy one, we are an odd couple but we get on great, there was a lot of good humoured banter in the chalet, a lot of it directed at me, because i am quiet and i suffer from a medical condition called a hydrocele ( google it ), it was spotted by one of the guests to much laughter. the weather was very varied, from flat light days to brilliant sunshine, we managed to ski everyday and saw the sun briefly on most days. we managed to ski the whole area from le fornet and the gacier, to tignes les brevierres, and up to the grande motte, our favourite runs were the run all the way down from the grande motte to val claret, the greens and blues at the top of the solaise as we did them on a saturday with no one else around, the worst run was easily piste L, it was classed as a blue, but it was narrow, icy and mogully, in fact we did easier blacks, the day after we skied it they closed the piste. lunch on the mountain for us is always a plate of chips and a beer, and we just stop whenever we feel like it, the quality of the chips varied from ok to very nice indeed, and cost around 9 euros for the beer and chips. we were lucky to see a firework display and torchlit descent from outside our chalet. there is nothing to do in la daille itself in the evening, just a couple of hotel bars and restaurants, so you do need to use the free bus in to val disere if you want any nightlife. just a word on the folie douce bar up on the slopes, if i had a vision of hell then this would be it, its an absolutely dreadful place, it had loud europop music that just sounded like the same record all the time, a couple of dancers up on a stage with a microphone asking people to do naughty things to the people next to them, lots of drinking and the strong scent of drugs filled the air, i can see the appeal for some people, but not a grumpy 58 year old. it was a great week, it all went to plan considering the travel disruptions in bristol and geneva, ski bonjour were excellent and we will go with them again[/img]
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