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badly sprained ankle

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
5 weeks ago I very badly sprained my ankle, and ankles still quite swollen and painful and cant walk on it properly so still wearing a boot, walking on it without the boot causes the swelling to balloon and any movement in ankle causes great pain and discomfort, been told by the hospital it could take anything between 8-12 months to heal properly.
the problem I have is I'm due to go skiing in 5 weeks time, and am after any advice if anyones been in this situation themselves and have skied, or am I better sitting this one out, and putting my daughter in a ski school (shes never skied before ) so she doesn't miss out
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
@nobbynoskies, welcome to snowHeads.

There was a recent thread which discussed this exact situation, which might be of interest.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
I did something similar around 3 years ago. It took around 4-5 months before I could run again, and to this day I have less mobility in the ankle and it easily rolls to the side that I damaged. I was told that at my age (at the time, 40), I’d have been better of breaking it.

All that said, skiing really seemed to help my ankle, limited movement and a good work out for the rest of my leg was ideal rehab! Hoping you are fit for your holiday.
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 You need to Login to know who's really who.
You need to Login to know who's really who.
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Mr G had a fibular malleolar fracture plus foot and ankle sprain (snowboarding) and reckoned that he recovered in around 6 weeks (was manual labouring and full weight bearing after 3).
But we're all different and, as you say, sprains (tendons and ligaments) often take much longer to recover. Swelling, pain, stiffness and irritation are good guides to progress, and if you're getting these and have also been advised of several months to heal then personally I'd sit it out. I can only speak from knee and finger sprains/damage, but they take a lot longer than 5 weeks... And then there's muscles which are probably seriously weakened by the injury reaction plus lack of use.
What have your medics/physios said about advisability of skiing?
Also, what's your insurance situation (will they cover you)? That's something to check ( or could you cancel and claim on, rebook when recovered)?
Good luck.
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 Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
I tore 4 ligaments in R ankle about 3 / 4 years ago and despite that recovered more quickly than the medics thought principally due to :

- constant use of the boot/support
- lots and lots of icing - I bought a Cyrpto Cuff from amazon which ices and compresses through a siphon . Excellent kit , wore it a lot.
- couldnt get "round the bend" of a regular alpine boot , but was lucky enough to have a "cabrio" entry touring boot ( Scott Superguide which was much easier to put on.). Once in and held in the boot, ankle should theoretically be solid. Its just getting in!! I'm not an expert on rear entry boots (full tilt?) but suggest that you look at these.

Long and short of it was I skied like that c 5 weeks post injury - but I had forced injured ankle into boot during 1st 6 days post injury and therefore "self-booted".
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