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Nordica FireArrow F4 boots - adjustments

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Here are some dumb questions from somebody who probably should know better...

On the back of my FireArrow boots there is an adjuster marked "Adj Progression" which requires an allen-key to move. I assume that this is to adjust the flex of the boot. One side is marked '+', the other '-'. Is '+' stiffer or softer? I cannot feel any real difference between the settings and the leaflet that came with the boots is useless; all hieroglyphics and weird stick-man diagrams and applies to every boot in the Nordica range.

Similarly, there is a wedge attached to the back of the inner via Velcro. The hieroglyphs suggest that I might want to raise it up, lower it, or move it from side to side. What will this achieve?

(Boots are four years old now and are still going strong)
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
I had a pair of Firearrows which had the same adjuster. Nver actually worked out what the things were meant to do but a bit of laying wit the adjusters and simply looking what they did as well as trying them on and max adn min settings soon told me what they were!
From memory mine had sideways lean/cant adjustment on +/- allen keys as well as flex.

The wedge (also had it on other boot liners) again needs to be set up according to what feels most comfortable and what helps or hinders your ski-ing and the feel of the boot under movement. I'm sure that someone more expert will explain it better, but I just again tried and played. I think it's meant to take up or allow room according to the thickness (or not) of your rear lower leg, calf, etc. It will also change the pressure of your boot cuffs' rear and hence perhaps your flex, rebound, overall forward lean etc (in theory).

BTW - I managed to bust the allen key fit on mine (the adjusters); standard stupidly-soft metal. Not cheap or easy or replace, either! Apparently, I was told by a shop, I wasn't meant to play with them... rolling eyes
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