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Don’t buy in “44 Board Shop”!

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Hi, my name is Marcos Fernández de Moya, I live in Madrid and I have been snowboarding since 1993. I have a mountain snowboarding blog ( where you can see a significant part of the experience I have accumulated throughout time. I’ve had 10 snowboards in all these years. I bought my first two boards in a shop in “El Rastro” whose name I don’t remember (many years have passed), then I bought from Funsports (a shop in Madrid that’s now closed), from Viladomat (Andorra) and from the Madrid ski fair (which is no longer held). My latest and current snowboard is a Lib Tech Skate Banana that I bought from “44 Board Shop” (44 Hilarión Eslava Street, Madrid) in February 2013. This summer (2014), having used my snowboard for about 10 to 15 days, I realized that it was delaminating. It didn’t look good; the edge was separating from the body of the board, allowing the entry of water. On closer inspection, I realized that the edge had a scratch from a micro-impact that had probably caused the damage. I say ‘micro-impact’ because you had to look very carefully indeed to notice it and because it must have been so slight that I didn’t even notice the impact at the time. Furthermore, my snowboard is always transported in a very good boardbag with padding that protects it very well. So, as the board had a year’s warranty, I took it back to the shop. From the very beginning they told me that my board had been damaged by an impact and that the warranty didn’t cover such damage. As I found this answer absolutely unacceptable, I asked them to send the board to the dealer, who basically said the same thing. This was clearly not a case of a board being damaged in the normal sense. We are talking about 15 days at the most of normal use. Despite this, the shop simply gave me my damaged snowboard back without any type of compensation. They didn’t offer me a free repair, a discount or anything. I therefore decided to write this, so that as many people as possible know what happened and will hopefully think twice before buying from this outlet. It goes without saying then that I would definitely not recommend “44 Board Shop”.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Do you live under a wet bridge ??

Does the sun shine out of your ar$E >??? nO THEN STOP TROLLING
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