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Snowboard Click in Step in Snap in Vs strap bindings Safer Safety safest? Noob set up

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I don't mind how long it takes to strap in vs clicking in which most of the other threads compaing these are about, and then strap-in flow bindings are usully suggested. I'm concered about falling and having my legs locked into a snowboard as I twist and possibly break bones/hips and/or can't stop myself with anything but my arms from going over a cliff or something. I don't want to overthink this but have been wondering about it. I don't understand how click-ins are basically obsolete nowadays.

If I fall with click-ins, only 1 leg might unclick which might be worse than having both legs fully strapped in. Also, 1 or both boots might unclick unwantingly while turning hard, landing a jump, or hitting a grind box or something the wrong way. Most people agree that strap ins are easier to controll which helps avoid falling in the first place. But if I make the click-ins tight and hard to accidentally unclick, couldn't that be safer because worst case scenario is they don't unclick and it's just like I'm riding regular strap bindings?

I used a click-in rental the 1 time I snowboarded in like 2003. I don't remember having a problem with accidential unclicking, but all I really did was luckily make it down a medium trail once without falling and then the rest of the day fell on by butt and metal wrist guards like 20X on the bunny slope.

I'm just really unsure about being permentantly strapped into a board. I was a half decent skater for years off and on, I could do sort of little stuff like olly 5 steps, 5-0 grinds for like 15 feet, 360 flip out of nose stalls on boxes, smith grinds, nothing crazy, just saying I have experience skating and strap bindings worry me.

I know snow can jam click ins but I've skied like 25 times so I think I know how to avoid that. Then why aren't skis strap in? I tried ski blades twice and did much better on them than skis, I could hit little jumps and boxes with the blades and felt I had 10X more controll vs the skis I used to borrow that were like vintage and 3 sizes too small crunshing my feet but I used to go down black diamonds with them, just very slowly. So that's kind of my rider experience, I don't think I have any desire to try and push snowboarding to get all crazy with it, I just want to have fun.

Also, I'm a vegan and hoping to avoid any animal product boots, like leather or animal rubber or dyes. I'm only spending like $100-$250 including boots for a used set up to avoid a bigger loss if I size everything wrong with a new purchase.

Lastly, about boot size. My foot is literally 10.5" x 4.5" (at the largest points), so what size and brand do you think I should get? Sneakers and boots are all different for me, sometimes a 10 fits, sometimes an 11 fits depending on the brand, sometimes an 11 fits with a gel insole. I want to put gel insoles in the snowboard boots. I really want to buy used but wearing someone's used boots is not my thing even if I sanatize them 10X, so I'm hoping I can find the right boots on the first try and buy new. I don't really have any stores near me. I can buy online and test, but return shipping would cost like $20 for $45 boots. I'm 5'8" 155lbs male. I'll use a calculator for which size board to get. Also wordering if I should get raisers to avoid heel/toe catching the ground while carving and causing a fall.

Thanks take care.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
We need an OCD section . . .
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?

I don't want to overthink this

...and yet... wow. Ok, as the good book says, "Don't Panic", deep breaths, here we go...

Number 1: Don't worry. Forget the old click-ins they're dead and buried with a stake through their hearts, ratchet strap or step in bindings are not a problem. Yes you will fall over but because your lower body is effectively locked you can't really torque your lower legs too much as they'll just follow the board around so you don't really get enough pressure to break/disloc anything below the waist. You're more likely to have broken an ankle coming off your skateboard than on a snowboard. Snowboarders tend to break upper-body bits, wrists, elbows, collarbones etc.

Number 2: Google "All synthetic snowboard boots" and you'll be spoiled for choice, Nike, Vans, DC, the list goes on...

Number 3: Don't buy 2nd hand unless they're almost unworn as they'll have packed out. If you're a size 10/11 then you might be better off looking at a mid-wide or wide board which'll stop you toe/heel dragging when you're up on the rails, although TBH I doubt it'll be much of an issue for you. As for fit, maybe you'll be better off making a trip to a proper store to get a real feel for what fits you best. Where in the world are you?

And welcome to SnowHeads.
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You need to Login to know who's really who.

1. Even click-in (step-in) bindings are (were) not intended to release in a crash. Snowboard bindings are not ski bindings. You do not want your bindings to release in a crash. Your legs are much safer linked together on a snowboard than on skis (even with releaseable ski bindings). Serious leg injuries are pretty rare amongst snowboarders. Personally, the engineer in me thinks it's a shame that step-ins have died, but strap bindings do the job very, very well.

2. Leather snowboard boots are actually pretty rare (lots of apparently leather boots are actually synthetic).

3. Yes, if you're a size 10-11 foot, think about a slightly wider board (around 260-265mm waist width). You don't need (or probably want) risers.
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