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Poster: A snowHead
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I'm a mixed user of bootfiters; don't for my snowboard boots and intermittently with my ski boots. I was spoilt and dead lucky with my first ski boots in that they were bondage slippers right from the start . . . the next couple of plastic torture implements were another bowl of razor-blades that our ever be praised CEM sorted out for me.

Anyway, I forked out for some new Crispi NTNs (with AT inserts) to try and reduce my boot quiver . . . I will hunt down the person who attempts to change my user name to 'Imelda' . . . They are a tiny touch large so I didn't get the liners moulded but relied on use tobed them in and it's worked well and can now use then with CEM's Profeet footbed for the best part of a day without anything more than a bit of discomfort that will ease as I start skinning in them . . .

Then I broke my leg NehNeh Got back on my skis 12 days later with a foot too swollen to have any footbed in the boot . . . a few days later progressing to the original sliver of foam that came with the boot. This was going well and I decided to try the Profeet bed Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Still too much swelling, soft tissue damage and localised pressure pain.

So I bought some Scholl athletic inserts, trimmed them to match the original bed shape and plonked my butt on the lift. Really comfy and a nice feel under foot . . . until I started to slide . . . why was my right ski pointing about 5° off to the right and if I corrected it I felt just a tiny pressure on the outside of my right heel. I played about for half an hour till I felt enough was enough and went down, bought a hot choc and took a look at my boot. The Scholl insert was just a tiny bit twisted on the liner heel cup . . . we're talking just a couple of millimetres higher on the right . . . which translated to near 4-5 inches at the ski tip.

Not going to make that mistake again . . . properly fitted footbeds for me from now on, the difference in feel and control is worth twice the cost.

Ave CEM Toofy Grin
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