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Ski naming - confused.

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Been using my carving skiis I bought back in 2006, and figured to time to buy something newer, I think I might go a little longer too.

The problem is, they aren't just carving skis anymore, there are all mountain, freeride, rocker and all sorts of meaningless marketing gumpf added to naming.

I really don't know where to start. I'm really happy with the type of my current ski, and want something equivalent but newer (and without the damage that my current ski has picked up over the years).

My current Ski is a Salomon X-Wing TX-05, 175CM, and looking for something similar in a 180 or 185.

Last-season stock preferable. Suggestions? Even if it's just what this matches upto in current ski terminology.

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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Do you know side-cut dimensions and turning radius? What type of skiing do you enjoy?
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
clashcityrocker, The x-wing is technically an all mountain ski!!! On piste skis will be in the Waist of 68-82 ish or more depending. Will have a turn radius less than 15Meters. Some now feature rocker. The below is a rough guide as peoples opioinos of on piste / All mountains demensions will vary. Current equivelant is the Enduro XT 800 or RS 800.

Best way to know what is right for you is to test as many as you can and pick what is right for you

Rocer - The bend the tip of the ski up in the air to give better float in powder, a suprising side effect is for smaller rockers it helps pull the skis through the arc of the turn quicker so it has appeared on some on piste models.


Waist 68-78 radius 12-19m Rocker Sometimes

Ideal length – varies on preference.

Example Salomon X-kart, Head Ishape, Elan Amphibio

Used on Blues, Reds, Blacks the first forays to the side of piste, first attempts to carve

The best Piste ski will be sandwich construction skis with a wood core, the radius and length will vary depending on the user. For those that prefer short slalom turns, they will have a smaller ski with a 11-13 M radius, for a bit of everything 13-17m radius and for wider faster turns it will be about head height or more and at the 17-19m end of the range. The last 2 seasons, some companies have introduced a small Rocker to on piste skis as it helps initiate turns quicker and pull the skis through the arc of the turn.

All mountains Skis

Waist 78-90, radius 14-18, Rocker, nearly always.

Used on Blues, Reds, Blacks, to the side of piste, Showing off under lifts., Bumps.

Ideal Length Nose to head height.

Example: Salomon Enduro, Atomic Nomad, Head Rev 85 Pro, Dynastar Outland 87

This is the ski most people will use and makes up most off the rental and retail market. The old joke was, it was a ski that did everything badly but modern skis have managed to provide a balance. They have become the ski of choice for most who spend the majority of their time on piste but would like to start to venture into the off piste or slightly beyond the slopes but in view of the lifts You will still be 80% on piste maybe 20% off
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 You need to Login to know who's really who.
You need to Login to know who's really who.
clashcityrocker wrote:
My current Ski is a Salomon X-Wing TX-05, 175CM

I haven't heard of that particular X-Wing variant and it's taken a bit of effort to find it online. Turns out it was a Sport 2000 model made exclusively for them (this happens a lot now) but looks to be a fairly normal X Wing with a mild redesign.

Lengths: 138 - 146 - 154 - 162 - 170 - 178
Sidecut: 114-70-102mm
Radius 10.5m

You might enjoy something from the Rossigonal Pursuit range. They should be a little bit stiffer than Salomon X Wing and, in my opinion, have a classier design. We had a load on rental last season and not one negative remark. There are loads so just pick a mid-range one. Testing important as always!
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 Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Many thanks for the help. Things are clearer now.
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 You'll need to Register first of course.
You'll need to Register first of course.
If anyone has any Rossigonal Pursuit in a 177 from 2012/2013 range, please PM me, interested in purchasing.

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