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Merry Christmas - Love From snowHeads

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
We've made you a little Christmas pressie. As the snowFlakes were so popular in the Christmas logo this year, the Chief Smiley Maker, architect of smiles and logos, has built a special snowFlake screen saver, only he's upgraded the 49,000 variations in the logo to 1.3 million unique snowFlakes, one for every unique user that hit snowHeads in the past 12 months!
To download it Click Here!...
FYI: most antivirus software will warn that you are downloading something risky. This is because it is an .exe. file to install the screensaver.
I assure you it is totally safe and clean and virus free, having been made entirely in the lab at snowHeads Towers.

Remember, snowfFlakes are not just for Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!
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