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Supporting snowHeads
You decide! snowHeads may have saved you money, given you great advice, made you friends or just generally entertained you. People value snowHeads for many different reasons and choose to do a bit in return to keep a good thing flowing and growing.
How much?
Your mate might "have a wikid site, right, that's gettin well busy cos there was like 200 people on it last month and he runs it all for free off his Dad's computer, like, without him even knowing... and dat" but, snowHeads is busy on a rather different scale - for example, in the last 12 months we have served over 17 million pages to over 1.2 million visitors. We run 3 servers across two dedicated machines to keep it all going and apart from the expense, it's more than a full time job maintaining and managing it all. We're trying to get more things done that people say they think snowHeads ought to be doing but that takes manpower and other resources.
 Some expect websites they use to be free, supported by advertising. Others feel that advertising spoils a site with a strong community spirit like snowHeads.
 Each is fine by us - so we figured we'd give you the choice
The main ways in which you can support snowHeads are:
1) you can, effectively use snowHeads for free just by looking at adverts for us, but do be sweet and click on them once in a while If everyone chooses this option, there will naturally be an increasing number of ads on snowHeads.
2) Buy something nice and snowHeady like a sheet of stickers, a t-shirt or a fleece.
3) you can use companies who pay snowHeads a commission.
4) you can support us directly by donating or becoming one of our core of subscribers. The more subscribers we have, the more power we have to be choosy about advertisers, keeping our ad content 'minimal and relevant'.

Donating and Subscribing to snowHeads

Donating: everything helps!
Donate 5 or over and we'll update your user rank to 'snowHead' permanently to say thanks.

Subscribing (as a super-snowHead):
This gets you:
- a few extra site features,
- the power to switch advertising on or off,
- discounts on snowHeads trips and products
- discounts on 3rd party services and products

You get 12 months 'super-snowHead' subscription for 35.
Or, set up a regular annual subscription of £25/yr

Subscribing (as a mega-snowHead):
The 'prestige' rank of 'mega-snowHead' is for any one who donates over 50. TBH you don't really get anything much extra for it other than our gratitude and perhaps a nice warm feeling Nice

Starting a regular subscription of £5/mnth will give you a number of subscriber powers including the ability to turn advertising on and off. Initially you will earn a 'snowHead'. On the fifth month you will be upgraded to full 'super-snowHead' status and a 'mega-snowHead' if continuous for a year. The rank will remain while your subscription remains active. (If you cancel, your status will lapse immediately)

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NB.We do not collect any bank details. All details entered are handled under a secure connection by PayPal or, if you choose to pay by bank transfer, by your own bank.
You are not giving credit card details to snowHeads.

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