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SCGB Suspends Repping Service in France
Ski Club of Great Britain has announced today that its rep service will not run in France next Winter. French authorities have declared illegal the on-snow leading for profit of groups by anyone other than a qualified ski instructor. The SCGB was hoping to get around the issue on the grounds that their reps are technically unpaid volunteers but legal advice has now persuaded them otherwise.
One of their reps was stopped and questioned by gendarmes near the end of last season and is due to appear oin court in Albertville in September.
... :: Read more 

RIP to a much loved snowHead
Many of you are aware of Spydermanís incredible courage and optimism in the face of serious illness over the last few months.

Sadly, as DCers now know, he lost his hard-fought battle earlier today.

He was hugely loved and admired by many on this forum: for his unfailing generosity and kindness; his enthusiasm for and encyclopaedic knowledge of all manner of things from skiing, to cheese, to music, to Landies, to carpets, to photography, to diving, and to heaven knows what else; for his twinkly sense of fun; and, last but not least, for his adored wife Kitty, good friend to many of us as well.

RIP, dear Spyderman, and most loving thoughts and condolences to his family, especially Kitty, Boywonder, LC and Jill and not forgetting Ruby.

We will miss you so much.

Katherine, Stewart, Helen and all who knew and loved you, Brett. ... :: Read more 

Shaun White announces retirement from competition
El Blanco has pulled the trigger and announced that he's retiring from competition on his Facebook page.
After his medal free Olympic campaign, White is quitting the stunt trench to concentrate on his music.

More info here ... :: Read more 

Chemmy quits racing
While intending to continue skiing, Chemmy appears to have reached the conclusion that racing is no longer her target. More information on a video post on her website ... :: Read more 

Team GB winter sports may get funding boost for 2018 Olympics
After winning more medals in the Winter Olympics than they have since the first winter games in 1924, UK Sports have promised Team GB winter sports a funding boost. Over the past 4 years, 6 winter sports shared a fund of £13.4 million. That fund could now be increased for the 2018 Winter Olympics ... :: Read more 

Jenny Jones gets bronze in Sochi
British snowboarder Jenny Jones has won the country's first over Olympic medal on snow. She came third, winning a bronze medal in the snowboarding slopestyle event. She scored 87.25 points in her second run, while American Jamie Anderson took gold with 95.25, and Finland's Enni Rukajarvi took silver with 92.50 ... :: Read more 

British Skicross hopeful Emily Sarsfield Olympic dream shattered.
British Skicross hopeful Emily Sarsfield's dream of competing in the 2014 games in Sochi is in tatters after she was omitted from Team GB despite meeting the Olympic qualification criteria. An invitation for Emily to compete from the International Olympic Association has also been declined by the British authorities. Legal action has been considered, and a campaign is underway to persuade the BOA to reverse their decision. ... :: Read more 

British cross country skier Andrew Musgrave wins freestyle sprint in Norway
Andrew Musgrave, Great Britain's leading cross country skier, has left Norway shocked after winning the freestyle sprint at the Norwegian Championships in Lillehammer. He's now off to the Winter Olympics where he hopes he can become the first Briton to reach at least the quarter-finals of the sprint competition ... :: Read more 

Morgenstern recovering after his crash
Doctors have announced that Thomas Morgenstern is on the mend after his serious fall during training last week. It's not yet clear whether he will have recovered enough to take part in the Winter Olympics ... :: Read more 

Animal rights campaigners call for a ban on Chinese pet skiing competition
Animal rights campaigners have asked for a bizarre pet skiing tournament in China to be banned, saying that it is cruel. Winter sports enthusiasts are encouraged to bring along an animal to the slopes to compete for prizes. The more bizarre the the better - dogs, cats, rabbits, tortoises, chickens, ducks and even goldfish have been entered ... :: Read more 

Women's World Cup races in Garmisch called off because of lack of snow
The women's World Cup downhill and super-G races scheduled for January 25-26 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen have been cancelled because there's not enough snow. Race organisers say the men's races scheduled for the following week are not affected because local officials hope for more snow by then ... :: Read more 

25 euros a day at new North Korea ski resort
A day-pass ticket for the recently-opened ski resort in North Korea apparently costs 25 euros. This price includes entrance fees, lift rides, and rental of equipment ... :: Read more 

Vonn announces she will not be competing at Sochi
Lindsey Vonn announced early today that she is not able to take part in the Winter Olympics in Sochi. She had not raced since she failed to finish a race in the World Cup in Val d'Isere last month. She is soon to have more surgery on her knee and plans to return to competition in 2015 ... :: Read more 

Highland cows used to 'avalanche proof' ski slopes
Ski engineer Michael Manhart has introduced a herd of Highland cattle to his ski slopes in Lech, Austria, but not just to eat the grass. He claims it helps to create an avalanche-safe environment and also cuts the costs of preparing the slopes. As well as eating shrubs that could get in the way of skiers, the cattle'sí hoof prints churn the ground, creating an irregular surface that is the perfect way to bind the snow to the ground to prevent avalanches ... :: Read more 

Angela Merkel breaks pelvis in skiing accident
The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has fractured her pelvis in a cross-country skiing accident. She is able to walk with crutches, but has had to cancel some foreign visits and official appointments ... :: Read more 

Schumacher - Meribel a tougher gig than Monaco ?
Michael Schumacher was helicoptered off the hill in Meribel yesterday after hitting his head on a rock. Yes, he was wearing a helmet. He is in a coma and said to be in a critical condition ... :: Read more 

At least 8 dead (and many lucky) in avalanches across the Alps
Avalanches across the Alps have left at least 8 dead in the past few days ... :: Read more 

Heather Mills quits Sochi. Threatens formal complaint. Accused of harrassment.
Heather Mills has been involved in an incident concerning a new prosthetic leg+ski boot prepared for the Sochi Winter Olympics.
She, and her team, are in dispute with the International Paralympic Committee. ... :: Read more 

Alpine skiing race results
This weekend, the women's Alpine World Cup has been in St Moritz, while the men have been racing in Val D'Isere ... :: Read more 

Olympic ski jump gold medalist Thomas Morgenstern crashes in Germany
Thomas Morgenstern, Austria's 3-time Olympic ski jump gold medalist, crashed at a World Cup event today in Germany. He was rushed to hospital with facial injuries but the good news is he was conscious and able to move ... :: Read more 

Ski Tests This November
After our Ski Test in September turned out to be so popular, we've arranged a series of tests this November, in partnership with and co-promoted by Ellis Brigham as 'The Big Ski'
Milton Keynes 9th,
Tamworth 13th,
Castleford 16th,
Braehead 23rd ... :: Read more 

We run a few bashes in the mountains each season for snowHeads forum members.

The 2014-15 Season Bashes are ... :: Read more 

Sticky Sticky!!
Click for a better view
At last, we can all be sticky again (in the best possible taste, of course!)
The new stickers are here and they're excellent ... :: Read more 

They tried to make me go to rehab ... :: Read more 

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