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Queenstown Questions

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Probably going to wangle a couple of days in QT in July, so after a few tips on skiing there (have been before but only in summer).

Assume we'll do a day at Coronet and a day at the Remarks - any tips for must-dos at either? We're reasonably competent on most stuff, other than gnarly off-piste. What are the chutes up at the top like?

And we'll have boots with us but will need to rent skis - best to rent each day on the mountain or rent in town?

And assume the buses are ok from town to get up there?

Anything else we should know? How do the ski days work? We'll probably have a tame Kiwi with us but if not - do people ski then have beers on the hill or straight back to town?

Cheers all!
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Better to rent your skis in town as you can do it the night before and so it's less rushed and you can compare the range available from different shops. Lots of buses from town especially at the beginning and end of the day. Both ski areas are small so it's easy enough to find your way around and it's all hazard managed within the boundary fence so on/off piste differentiation. Just go wherever your fancy takes you. Most people head down to town, drop off their ski gear and then walk to bars and dinner. The guys in the rental shops should be able to advise you which area has the better snow but be warned that quite a few will have a strong bias toward one or the other so if the snow is comparable definitely do both.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Hi, get a car. If there are two or you or more then get a car. The buses are OK, but take a ling time and are not that cheap. Also it will mean you can get to and from the airport and a take a drive up the lake.

In terms of early July, I would say ski Remarks and Cardrona, Coronet Peak is lower and we have not had that much snow, it's open and will be fun but better snow elsewhere. Cardrona has the best snow at the moment out of all the resorts.

I would contract the advice above and rent on the slopes, you can then swap gear as you want - having said that school holidays start July 8th until the 23rd. So it will be busier during that period, if you're outside of hols renting up the mountain will be easy - and saves have to transport ski up and down the hill.

Apres - happens in town - all the resorts are 30mins away (except Coronet) and tend not to do much in the way pf apres ski - much better to head into town. Head to Bar Atlas best place in my opinion - they do great steaks for $20 and have a great selection of craft beer on tap. It's tiny, but brilliant, you might need to wait for a table, or get there early - but it is worth it!

If you ski Cardrona head to the Cardrona hotel on the main road ( you can't miss it) good place, open fire - most "alpine" feeling place in the area. (another reason to hire a car)

Where to ski

Cardrona - probably best to head over to Captains, but it is a small resort so you will ski it all, but I think you'll find the best snow in Captains bowl.

Remarks - Shawdow basin is good, hike up and ski "elevator" and "escalator" if you're looking for something a bit steeper (there is not much steep in resort skiing over here) those two runs area as good as it gets!

Coronet, when it's on is the best resort - but July is just a bit too early IMO.

You'll probably want to get a Ferg burger if you haven't been to QT before, it's kinda a rite of passage - but phone your order in ahead of time (about 20/30) it will save you having to wait - and there is always a massive wait/queue of people. Head to Pategonia ice/cream shop on the water front for an amazing ice cream or chocolate...
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