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Les Deux Alpes 2016 reveiw

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Heres my review of my trip to Les Deux Alpes at Easter last year (better late than never). I was on a snowboard and am happy on blues and some reds although I stuck mainly to blues on this trip.

I didn’t find many runs I didn’t like (one very notable exception) and found most of them to be either ones I really liked or average enough runs that I wouldn’t rush back to unless I found myself beside them but would still do. The only run I really didn’t like was of course the green demoiselles. Way to narrow and crowded for my liking and was the location of my biggest fall out side of the snow park that week, which was caused, in part, by the above reasons.

Aside from demoiselles all other green runs should be suitable for beginners with some easy blues which can be progressed on to (be carefull though, not all blues are blue on this mountain)

Some of the runs I most enjoyed were Fee 1 (flat sections and all which can be done without unstrapping in a snowboard), Super Diable (just felt different than the rest of the resort), Signal (for speed runs) and basically all of Vallee Blanche.

Vallee blanche is the hidden gem of the L2A in my opinion. Its much quieter than the rest of the resort and has the type of run I preferer whilst also providing some new scenery. However I found the colour coding to be the most inaccurate here. While the rest of the resort has questionable grading, I think the limits for what can be called “blue” are pushed to the maximum here and would defiantly be all red in other resorts. While I managed to get a second week skier down some of the “blues” without any falls (but some complaining) make sure that your comfortable on the rest of the blues across the resort before coming out here. Vallee blanche also appeared to have more variable snow conditions throughout the day which makes it more difficult.

I found the snow park to be excellent and would have loved to have done more in it but weather caused problems anytime I tried to go to it.

The layout means that you’re always going to be near a home run and unless you take the run down to Mont de Lans your never really going to get stuck anywhere when the lifts close which means you can take your time a bit more than in other resorts. The simple layout also means it’s a very easy resort to navigate and your always near a lift or run that will take you in the vague direction you want to go in.

On a negative side the very linear nature of the resort can get a bit tiring after a while and although there are alternative routes than the main Jandri run, they either didn’t feel much different to me (i.e. Glaciers, 1,2,3,4) or are long (but fun) detours which don’t help if you have somewhere you want to be (i.e. fee 1). Jandri is a very enjoyable run on its own, but when your almost forced to do it when you’re going from one place to another it does get a bit annoying.

There mountain is well serviced by restaurants of different types and while I don’t remember any prices, I don’t remember feeling shocked at seeing the bill at any point but of course there will be more and less expensive options, just check before you go in.

I like the village however it is certainly not “pretty”. It has a good selection of restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment however watch where your walking as there is a real dog problem in some places. Didn’t have a bad meal while I was there and would recommend The Spot for burgers. I struggled to find a good takeaway crepe place with the only one i found being a complete rip off but maybe just missed somewhere.

In summary I would defiantly go back to L2A at least once more in the future but I don’t think it will become a regular destination for me. While there are some annoyances with the resort, for me the positives very much out weigh the negatives on this one
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