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Mojo issues

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Ive bought a ski mojo mark 1 just before covid and am now trying it for the first time. It really does work certainly when skiing. No doubt about it.
The jury is still out regarding boarding though. I find it more useful if i switch it on when i'm hobbling with one foot strapped in to get the chair lift. I'm really not sure about having it on when boarding as it seems to push the board when i dont want it to, Maybe i'd have to set the spring rate different for skiing versus boarding?

Couple of issues.

The rose joints that go on the boots keep coming undone. Ive now superglued the threads because threadlock just wasnt doing it. If this doesnt work i'll try shakeproof washers but not sure if i can find any in resort. (Tignes Val Claret)

Yesterday, when the blooming thing came undone yet again, as usual the whole thing on one side started to pull my sallys down! When i got home i discovered that one of the double fixings at the top that the leg springs clip into had broken. Anyone else had this problem? Do you think it'll be ok to ski with just the one clip?
I'm going to board without it today anyway but want to ski again before this trip is over.

Next, on the website instructions it doesnt mention adjusting the length of the cable to alter the point at which ut starts to act. Has anyone done this and if so, how have they stopped the adjusting nut from moving again?

I live very close to the guy who designs these things and contacted him about things before i came out, i did tell him i bought it second hand and he was dismissive nearly to the point of being rude. Asked Scott of The Skiers Lounge for help (was edge and wax) who was as usual, very helpful. Thanks Scott!

I ordered online new rods from the guy in Faygate, off the website, they took nearly a week to come oh, must be all of 8 miles to me! So if you need any spares allow plenty of time.

Right oh, time to go play! It's so good to be skiding again!
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Mark one was pretty rubbish compared with the later ones.
I was an original purchaser, and the upgrade was pretty cheap ? £200 IIRC
Not sure if it applies to 2nd hand ones, but may be worth a try
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Page 12 of the installation guide tells you how to set up the Mojo/snowboard boot connection and the need for stiffening of the boots at the interface.
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You need to Login to know who's really who.
@spiderjon, ive read that and cut up some old guttering to stiffen the snowboard boots inside and out. Unfortunately the outer stiffeners git lodt when the rose joints undid testerday!

@martinperry, i'll certainly give it a try! Nice to know the mark 1 had issues worthy of an upgrade. Do you still use one?

I noticed a guy yesterday at the top of grand pre with a mark 1 on the outside of his sallys, i did holler him but i think i might have scared him off!
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 Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.

I contacted the SkiMojo team when I got back about the broken clips. They were really friendly this time but were away themselves. When they got back to Blighty they sent me replacement, updated parts free of charge. Pretty amazing really because as I said above, not only did I buy this second hand but the model I have is the mark 1, discontinued years ago so for them to actually have any spares at all is dead lucky.

Just got back from a week sliding in Val Thorens where I used the Mojo again. After a couple of days one of the rods (plastic I think but looks like carbon) broke. These have only done maybe 6 days skiing as I purchased them new from the website a year ago when I got the Mojo. The shame is that the website doesn't list anymore spares for my early model so I've emailed them again in the hope that they may have some lying about in a drawer somewhere!

Having chatted to a few people that have experience with the Mk1, it appears that depending on how much you get one for it's great as a cheap way to try in the comfort of your own home as it were, but not as a permanent solution. If you live near a fridge then probably cheaper to try the latest model before you buy there.

With regards to actually using the SkiMojo whilst skiing:
It's great.
I can't ski without it due to knee pain as I have hardly any cartilage left under my kneecaps. I can ski pretty much all day if I take it easy with just the odd bit of jeopardy thrown in. Both times when it's broken (don't forget it's the Mk1) I've had to ski back to the apartment without it and have been in trouble without it.
I'm pretty sure it does actually help more than just (!) taking weight off the knees. By which I mean that it seems to aid in getting in the correct position, ie not in the back seat. This I feel is due to the positioning of the rod at the back of the calf muscle and the strap at the top of the calf, whatever, it helps anyway.

This is a harder one to comment on mainly down to when I tried it last year I was pretty inexperienced on a board I think. The Mojo transfers weight onto the heel side of the boot (once the boot has been strengthened). I found it a bit harder to fine tune my turns due to the added pressure it puts on the heel side. I was struggling to hold an edge without it anyway.
Now, having spent a few more days on the board without the mojo I am now able to hold carves of all shapes and sizes and I really want to try the Mojo again, unfortunately it broke before I could, but I think it's worth further investigation.

So, next question: has anyone experience of both the latest and earlier models? Are the later models more reliable, because I really don't want to ski back again without it's aid? Also, the clips have all been replaced with velcro type stuff. How does this hold up? My experience with velcro is that after a bit it stops sticking together which would be a pain in the arsenal.

Anyway, I'm glad I bought a cheap Mk1, it's proved to me that the Mojo works for me and I got to pfaff in the mornings in the comfort of the apartment! Now if anyone has a latest model gold Mojo they don't want sitting about...? snowHead
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