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Have Scott lost the plot!?

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
About five years ago Scott released the Slight range of all mountain skis to critical acclaim. They were as light as a touring ski but stiff enough to hold an edge on a hard piste. They used carbon in the construction instead of metal and had a short turning radius. This gave them a lively poppy ride even skiing slowly. It also made them easy and less tiring to ski. They were a welcome alternative to heavy, damp,metal, all mountain skis with long turning radii that, though loved by experts, are hard work to ski especially at medium to slow speed and require skill, plenty of space/speed and a strong skier to get the best out of them.
Many of the big brands have seen the light Eh oh! and have now brought out their own ranges; like the Volkl Blaze.
Meanwhile Scott have dropped the Slight
This year their all mountain ski range have metal in the construction, are heavier and have longer turning radii. What’s going on!?
Several possibilities spring to mind :-
The Slight range wasn’t a commercial success and skiers weren’t buying them?
The factory in Ukraine burnt down and with it the ability to make them?
One of the Scott ski designers died and they’ve fallen back on old technology?
There was a design fault; The metal binding plate was prone to cracking. It seems to be just a cosmetic fault, rather then affecting performance?
Finally the Slights were really good looking skis and this year’s models look just plain ordinary. What’s going on at Scott?
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
@BertieG, I have the Slight 100s in a 168 length and they were great yes as soon as put them on. I have never seen another pair being worn anywhere which surprised me. I did see a Slight 94 as a hire ski but never any other 100s. I thought it would sell better than it did but it may have been that the top sheet wasn’t particularly spicy.

I’m looking for something else lightweight (but not an official touring ski) to replace these when they need it as it won’t be much longer and have just looked at the Völkl Blaze 94 or 106 as they seem to be similar but I don’t know whether to go for 165 length or 172 length.
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