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Buying equipment from the US

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I’ve been after some skis for a while and I have just found them online in the states. It seem barely any company offers shipping to the UK but this company have said they are willing to post if I can find a solution

I was wondering if anyone has had anything posted from the states? Or could offer some advice
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Now and then. I have bought the odd "custom" snowboard from the US, although you'd want to be sure of sizing etc if you did that of course.

Generally if stuff is coming here direct you don't pay state sales tax (which they don't show on the price anyway), but you will pay VAT and any duty. VAT is what it is; "duty" is dependent on what the stuff is and you can google it easily enough. If you don't pay the duty up front, you'll also pay the courier to collect it from you. Some snowboards manufacturers quote a total price including all of that stuff, which is simple if you can get someone to do it.

For some stuff (eg camera gear) it can still be cheaper buying in the US and paying all the stuff than buying in the UK, plus you generally can get different/ more interesting stuff.

More creative solutions are available, like go out there and buy the stuff and use it then bring it back and forget to declare it. Like people do from the EU all the time, now we're a proud nation and all. The cheapest way to do this is still to order things from "out of state" as you don't pay state sales tax that way. For that you need a decent card company, as some can get fussy about where stuff's being delivered to.
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