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FS: Kids SL skis 115, 124, 130cm, 95cm leki poles

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I'll post pics later if necessary, but wanted to get this up early in the new year in time for Feb half term.

The key thing with the kit below is that, as long as you look after it, it should outlast your child, and retain value afterwards. It's not conventional kids stuff designed for a season or two, but absolute top end kit. Although it's all "race" spec for kids, it can be skied at any level.

1) 124cm Volkl Racetiger SL Speedwall 124cm with Marker Race 10 bindings. Purchased new in Feb 2017, good condition, never ground, only edge sharpened a couple of times (at original 88 degrees). Topsheet moderately scratched (as would be expected from a few weeks of kid skiing, not at all bad). Bases are very slightly scuffed but nothing I'd even remotely contemplate p-texing, a light grind and they'd look like new, but I wouldn't even bother with this, it would be cosmetic.

These are proper kids £300+ race skis, not to be confused with the many Racetiger variants that replicate the race graphics but not the construction. These skis totally transformed my kids' skiing.

The bindings sit on a pre-drilled plate so can be moved to accommodate almost any boot length.


2) 115cm Atomic Race 10 Jr with XTL7 bindings, purchased new in 2014. Reasonably scuffed, they've been through both my kids with probably 8 weeks usage. Would benefit from a decent base grind but no core shots and perfectly usable as they stand. Topsheets heavily scratched. Still plenty of edge.

Again, a proper kids SL race ski (£200 when new I think) with wood core, and at least at the time, the shortest proper kids ski you could get. This is not some floppy foam nonsense with a race sticker on it. Bindings fully adjustable for almost any boot length.

£60 (or if you want them ground back to "new" base condition and can wait 3 weeks, £75!)

+ free to anyone who buys both sets of skis... 130cm Dynastar Team Pro hybrid race ski (bought new in 2015, SL/GS, typical for U12) with FFG 7 (Salomon from recollection) bindings. Good ski, but almost no edges left after over-enthusiastic sharpening too many times and use on the dry slope.

3) 95cm Leki trigger poles (the posh ones that have a separate clip mechanism you wear over your glove) complete with the glove straps (the straps alone are £20+). Moderately scratched, but these are the real thing (again, don't confuse with the cheaper leki poles that replicate the colouring but don't have trigger grips etc.) and essential for kids slope-cred Happy


Any questions please ask. Travelling a bit for next few days so replies might be slow. I'll put them on the board at our race club next weekend so you might want to get in ahead of that!

Pickup in London, Essex or Chamonix. Delivery at cost. I've bought and sold previously on Snowheads so feel free to check out my previous transactions. For all sales at list price I'll give 5% to Snowheads.
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