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decent ~$100 pair of Flows and ~$100 Boots mens 10.5?

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I tried making a thread for suggestions on a complete set-up but I was apparently asking too much and all I got mostly was suggestions to go through a member/store who's registered here that automatically matches the parts together as you build a board but has prices higher than I see on eBay and not as much selection.

I figure I can ask for 1 part at a time and hopefully get a snowboard together for this season.

I want Flows, but if it's going to cost like over $330 total package, I might just get something like this new combo for $200 and be done with it for my beginner board. If I need to upgrade in the future, I can always sell the whole set up on Craigslist at a $60 used loss for like $140 to someone who just wants a cheap package and doesn't really care/know about best quality.

I need to pay with Paypal, so please don't suggest anything that doesn't take paypal. Used is okay as long as they're good condition. I'm asking which boots also should go with them but don't want used boots. I read threads and know Flow boots are best with Flow bindings but am just making sure for the particular binding.
I want Flows that can be unstrapped like regular bindings and I think the consensus is that the double strap Flow bindings are better than the single strap, or vice versa, I'm not sure, and also if it's preferred the strap goes along the front of the toes vs over top of the toes, or if that just means they're the double straps.

If you want to also go ahead and pick me a board, that would be great.
I'm hoping to keep it under $330 total. Will buy a used board if it's one of those 'used like 5 times very good condition no chips'.
152 cm X 256 mm width is what I gathered as the best size from calculators. I can't do any tricks but I might learn to so I guess a freestyle/riding combo board is best.

Here are the options on eBay for Large bindings because I'm a size 10.5. Prefer ~$100 with warranty but if I really must, I'll spend more, but then I might just buy that cheap ass $200 combo linked above.

To make this all complicated, I must verify after the suggestions with the manufacturer if the bindings and boots have no animal products like animal-derived rubber or leather because I'm a vegan, so hopefully they're all synthetic.

Thanks for any great suggestions Little Angel
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
You'd be better off posting on somewhere like . This is a British site and recommendations for places to shop / prices are not going to be relevant to you.

Why are you so set on Flows? They're generally expensive and a bit love/hate.
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