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Austria: Rauris 2017/18

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I seem to be lucky when I visit Rauris, for today was another perfect bluebird day. With a couple of friends, I had a great time in both parts of the Rauris area, starting off as usual on the Kreuzboden side (using the Waldalmbahn gondola) and later moving over to the Hochalm pistes. Here is a photo looking up piste 9 alongside the Waldalmbahn (actually from last year but today the piste was just about as empty most of the time)...

The snow was good, often sugary and soft but basically hard-packed with some polished bits.

When we were on the Hochalm side, we skied once down black piste 5 to the valley. This is the view looking down to the village of Rauris...

And just to show that we managed it, here are my friends at the top of the Gratlift T-bar, one of the steepest I know...

It was a very pleasant day and at the end we walked along Rauris' attractive main street and enjoyed a Glühwein in the Stadl Café.
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