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Bolle Modulators become Bolle Phantoms (with nice simulator and new lens colours)

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Bolle Modulators were one of the first photochromic goggles lens to hit the market at a sensible price (i.e. not Zeal prices) around 10 years ago. I've used them since the first season they were available in both the original Citrus Gun lens (orange/amber) and the Vermillion Gun (pink/grey).

Whenever someone asks about them on here, they get consistently good feedback and strong recommendations.

I noticed that a few days ago they've renamed them Phantom and now offer four lens/mirror combinations, with the top of the range Phantom+ being photochromic and polarized.

The new lenses are:
Phantom+ - pink lens/blue mirror PC and Polarized
Vermillion Blue - pink lens/blue mirror PC
Emerald Green - amber lens/green mirror PC
Fire Red - brown lens/red mirror PC

It's good to see the wide range of lens combinations. I thought I'd post it up as a bit of info and a thought starter for what colour suits people best.

Different people perceive colour and contrast differently and although the pink/blue combination is a common recommendation among goggle makers for flat light, I struggle with it and much prefer my original Citrus lens over the newer Vermillion one in low light. On the other hand, I really like the Vermillion lens in bright light so basically the opposite of what a pink lens' strengths and weaknesses are supposed to be.

Before the days of PC lenses, I always used Amber goggles and when I'm driving I use polarized lenses with a brown tint. I find the brown really enhances certain colours of the spectrum and is good even at dawn and dusk. In comparison, I have the same sunglasses in a grey polarized lens and can only wear them in direct sunlight.

So I'm really interested in the new Fire Red combination and there's a nice simulator here (scroll down the page) that allows you to simulate different light conditions with each lens:

I think it's pretty accurate - the Vermillion Blue in low light is exactly as I remember it on a mountain.
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