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should we have more tags than 'never done it', 'intermediate', 'Rides for Burton'?

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I have read some posts on here that make me wonder what in intermediate is.

It would appear, that it is someone who has strapped a board on before and didn't end up in hospital.

So what is an intermediate? Is it someone who can ride a blue piste without face planting, or is it someone who can ride the whole mountain but thinks they can get better? Intermediate would seem to span from 1 week to 100 weeks experience.

How many grades do we need?

I would hate to think that mastering blue pistes takes you out of the intermediate category.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
A few posts on this topic over in the other areas. Mostly ski-related, but it all applies more or less equally to snowboarding. Think they were up to 10 or more levels!
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
The scale I judge riders on is something like:

Begginer-Closely instructed
Novice-Progressive lessons
Intermediate-Advance lessons/Intro to off piste/Basic freestyle
Advanced-Beyond big 360's/Serious off piste (harness, avi equipt)/Euro carving
Pro-Speaks for it's self!
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 You need to Login to know who's really who.
You need to Login to know who's really who.
Just dug out the post I mentioned above (originally by skimottaret) and have modified it for snowboarding. Original post here: . For the sake of argument, I've kept in the references to the Snow Centre, etc. Wee bit clunky as it was a bit ski-focussed and could probably have used a complete re-write, but I haven't got time!

1 First Timer. I have never put a snowboard on before. In this group we will introduce you to your snow equipment, get you comfortable on snow and have you going up and down the lower section of the lesson slope at the Snow Centre first in a straight glide and then being able to steer from side to side and being able to stop under control.

2 Early Learner - I can sometimes make "basic" (skidded, late edge-change) turns on the lesson slope. You may not always be in control and at this level we will start making turns of different shapes and speeds. You will be able to come to a stop, in control, from half way up the lesson slope by the end of this level. You will be able to use the rope tow unassisted getting off safely.

3 Learner - I can link many basic turns, changing direction, turn shape and speed comfortably. We will make turns from the top of the lesson slope and show you how to use the poma lift on the main slope. You will start to influence the shape of your turns by actively flexing and extending your joints. You will ski on the main slope under supervision, and will make controlled basic turns higher up than we had been on the lesson slope. Our goal is to get you to recreational standard.

4 Early Improver - We have signed you off at Recreational Standard and you can practice snowboarding the main slope on your own and in control while making turns from top to bottom. You are comfortable using the Poma lift un assisted and always ride safely on the main slope. We will start to look at changing the edge earlier in the turn, working towards a "standard" turn and vary your speed always under control.

Here is where “levels” get a bit tricky…. Especially if we haven't seen you ski. Try to be honest in your assessment. When we are coaching Inside your level is not that important as we can work with a wide range of ability levels easily during the same session. It is more important for us to harmonise groups by ability when skiing Outside due to the longer runs and selection of terrain.
What You think about your skiing, and, What We see!

5 Improver - I ride confidently on blue runs. I can make standard turns when I feel confident, but often have to revert to a side-slip if it's steep or icy. I struggle on reds, and probably haven’t tried moguls, or black runs. You can jump using a simple "hop" or off a small bump or kicker.

You can make nice, round, skidded turns on blue runs. When you do have to sideslip, you can control it well. You may have done a week’s snowboarding, had some lessons and progressed quite rapidly. Or you may have done a few weeks snowboarding and can now make round, skidded turns down a blue run. The sideslip comes back when conditions get tricky although it does not stop you getting around the mountain. You can easily change your direction and slow down as required. You look reasonably comfortable on the main slope at The Snow Centre.

6 Early Intermediate - I can ride most red runs when the conditions are good. I like going fairly fast, but struggle when it gets bumpy, steeper, icy, or the snow gets deep. I can ollie on the flats or off small-medium sized kickers and have been trying some flat-land presses and spins.

You have probably done more than a few weeks snowboarding. You can always make good, skidded turns on blues and almost always on reds, going fast on reds unless the conditions are difficult. You can easily get around the mountain but your technique could be better. You may have tried moguls, black runs and the un-pisted terrain at the side of the slope, but you struggled. The main slope at The Snow Centre is easy for you but we will be looking to challenge you. We will work on developing your skills by getting you able to change the edge earlier in the turn, ride the uphill edge and carve a clean line through part of the turn or on traverses.

7 Intermediate - I can ride all reds and make turns down most blacks as well, providing they're not too steep or bumpy. In the park, I can hit up to medium-sized kickers with a degree of style and can do some basic grabs. Your flat-land moves are progressing and you've tried some easy rails/boxes.

You are now able to link confident skidded turns on blues and reds and are comfortable riding on most black runs. Steeper and icy slopes may cause you to lose a little of your style, but you are still able to get to the bottom in one piece. You have now started to get the feeling of ‘carving’ your turns and this has brought a whole new dimension to your riding. You are happy on-piste but would like to ride on other slopes, including off-piste, bumps fields and other variable conditions. The main slope at The Snow Centre is a training ground for you and you probably would get bored just riding up and down there. We will work on fine tuning skills to make you an all-round advanced snowboarder so that you can confidently tackle different terrain and conditions.

8 Early Advanced - I ride all the pisted runs on the mountain with a good degree of technique and style. I am comfortable on all pistes and seek out steeps, moguls and chopped up snow as a fun challenge, I have tried riding off-piste but am only beginning to get to grips with it. In the park, I'm hitting medium-sized kickers confidently and can pull 180's on the flats or off small jumps.

You can carve clean tracks on blue runs when the conditions are good with only a little skidding. You probably have been snowboarding for several years and have 10 weeks or more of experience and may have done clinics or advanced group lessons. You are keen to get better on icy pistes and in variable conditions. Your progress may be hampered by a lack of technique, fitness or confidence. You may be reliant on some degree of upper-body twist to initiate your turns. When you think you are carving you may not be actively piloting the board and are not able to vary the size of the carved turn. You may be thinking of taking an Level 1 Instructor course.

9 Advanced - I can ride most places that are serviced by the lifts. I am a confident experienced rider and like to go fast on reds, blacks are no problem and I enjoy easy off-piste slopes. In the park, you are trying bigger spins off the smaller jumps and are clearing the bigger kickers.

You have probably been snowboarding for more than 16 weeks and have taken numerous lessons. Off-piste is no longer a struggle, and you really have the feel for carving turns of all sizes on all pistes and enjoy the thrill that it gives you. You are able to carve effectively from turn to turn on nicely groomed snow but are not so consistent when the snow is icy or un-groomed. You can get down steeps, moguls and freeride terrain with confidence and a semi-consistent technique but will lose some control in the more difficult areas. You are probably able to, or have, passed an L1 instructor course. You can make changes to your snowboarding when asked, you can perform drills that demonstrate control of speed and turn radius. You can make rhythmical short or long radius turns.

10 Early Expert – I am a life long snowboarder and wish I could ride more often.

You can ride all terrain comfortably but are perhaps limited in speed and confidence in some areas. To improve you will need greater dynamics, practice on steeper fall line moguls with an increased range of absorption and extension, make higher speed GS freeride turns in powder/ variable snow conditions and generally master a solid technique. You are probably interested in pushing your freestyle technique, steep couloirs, instructor exam technical requirements, freeride performance and higher speeds on piste. If you teach you are at, or training for, L2 exams and perhaps are getting ready for ISIA level. If you're into park/freestyle riding, you have a respectable repertoire of tricks on kickers, flatland and rails.

11 Experts - I ride lots during the season and am competent in most areas.

Forgotten how many weeks you have been snowboarding. All terrains and speed are done competently. You can adjust turns through subtle changes in range, rate, duration and distribution of inputs. You are testing yourself by trying out skiing, telemarking or touring. You are humble and know that there is loads more to learn and can feel subtle differences between snowboards and how they are tuned. Equipment doesn’t make a big difference to your performance and you can ride park boards in deep snow or do freestyle moves on big freeride boards. Instructors may be at L3 level and perhaps training for ISTD technical exams and gaining FIS points through Boardercross racing. You are getting close to being able to ride well whatever the conditions confidently and with ease.

12 Athletes / Full Cert Instructors & Coaches - I am a fluid rider with a unique style.

You most likely make a living from snowboarding or ride most days, exploring different styles and forms of snowsport. You may have have competed in free style, National championships or FIS level Boardercross racing competitions. If you teach you are in the top few % of your governing body and probably train other instructors. You are an inspirational rider.

13 World Class Snowboarders

If you are this good you wouldn't be looking at our website !!
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 Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
stevomcd, that puts me on 11 but I have ridden with people who are way more talented than me. These guys ride at speed and spot 30ft walls to go and kick or will ride alongside me at immense speed, in switch.

These guys are the experts. I can do all that is in 11 but I am not an expert.

ps I used to ski (quite well) and keep saying I will put skis on again, but never get round to it, so that bit is probably right.
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 You'll need to Register first of course.
You'll need to Register first of course.
bar shaker,

I'd still put you down as an expert...but there are various level of expertise! wink
It's never ending isn't it... Laughing

I'm about 8.... 7 in areas, more like 9 in other. e.g. o don't do any park stuff..
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 Then you can post your own questions or snow reports...
Then you can post your own questions or snow reports...
Put me down for Lazy Advanced.
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 After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
bar shaker, that simple little line about : "You can adjust turns through subtle changes in range, rate, duration and distribution of inputs" in level 11 covers a whole lot of stuff. You could easily read that line to mean the same thing as, say, level 8, but it doesn't.

Can you REALLY do that? Can you make smooth, controlled turns in the most awkward situations (steepest of the steep, off-piste, gnarly moguls, grim snow conditions)? Can you control your speed completely, in all situations, through turning alone?

I can't yet, and I've been riding 12 years, done 6 seasons, can ride all sorts of crazy lines off piste, going for my BASI 2, but that degree of precision still eludes me and the guys who really can do that can still show me up (most recently, riding some slalom gates with a French instructor and getting an afternoon's coaching from a top BASI instructor).

Not suggesting you can't by the way, if you can, then you're better than me! Toofy Grin
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 You'll get to see more forums and be part of the best ski club on the net.
You'll get to see more forums and be part of the best ski club on the net.
stevomcd, Not always, no. Steep couloirs terrify me and I avoid them but riding to reduce speed rather than completely control it is a better description of my riding in such situations. I am happy jumping turns, which can help. Steep and open is fine.

I've probably got 40 weeks under my belt, from the last 20 years, but a lot of those have been in the last 6 years, by skins approx 4 weeks a year.

If the descriptions were blank, I would indeed place myself at 8/12.

I am sure you are much better than me.
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