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FIS & Dainese partner to study intelligent protection for Alpine Skiing

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
FIS & Dainese partner to study intelligent protection for Alpine Skiing

FIS and Dainese have signed a memorandum of understanding to investigate the potential application of air bag technology to top-level Alpine Skiing.

Both FIS and Dainese consider the safety and protection of athletes their highest priority. The new cooperation underscores the long-standing efforts to provide the athletes with state-of-the-art protection using latest technologies, in this case Dainese’s head-to-toe safety and intelligent protection systems that have shown their effectiveness in motorcycling.,1120.html

Interesting article in which they talk about the possible use of personal airbags for the racers. Those of you that follow the motorbike racing (particularly MotoGP) will probably already know that Dainese have come up with a system that deploys an airbag from within the rider's leathers in the event of a big fall. Don't know how it would work in skiing as there's a lot more uneven surfaces, jumps, etc to content with

The thing that always gets me with the racers is the net catch fencing at the side of the race course, Sure it does it's job of catching/stopping them, but sometimes it looks incredibly brutal when you see a racer go careering into it. Perhaps also like the bike racing, they could also take a look at air fences along side the netting in those places where the speeds are very high?
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