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Ski hire and lift passes for Borovets, Bulgaria

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
My girlfriend and I have booked to go to Borovets in a couple of weeks.
She is intermediate, I am intermediate to advanced.
Easyjet are charging me 30 odd quid to take my own skis. Hiring gear over there works out similar I guess. My skis are about ten years old, first generation carvers (Head X80s) properly waxed, edged and looked after. I'd be gutted if I left my skis at home and the hire skis were not as good, worn out, or worse- pre carving style as I would be a beginner again! My girlfriend who has been to Bulgaria before has warned me that the gear is very old fashioned over there. Anyone able to report what it's like? One travel agent quoted £40 for equipment hire but £90 for 'premium' equipment hire, which makes me worry that the £40 stuff is worn out crap which will ruin my week.

Also what's the best deal for:
Lift passes
ski hire

Is it best to get these things booked on the web before we go or are deals better over there shopping around. My concern about booking it before hand using a ski extras type package is that we pay too much or the website I use is a con and just takes our money and we have to pay again when we get there.
Theres also my concern that a pre booked lift pass may not include all of the mountain or something which would be gutting!
Please can somebody give me an idea of any pitfalls in this area as I've not been to Bulgaria before and like to get the best deals on everything. Am i being too harsh with my expectations of a third world experience with everyone trying to rip us off left right and centre, poor equipment etc? or is it just like the Alps now in these respects?
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Jakey555, Hi...and welcome to snowheads snowHead First off I should say I have no direct knowledge of Bulgaria,however,some rules(I believe)are universal to most resorts.
You have your own ski's,so take them.You can never 'guarantee' what you may get from a hire shop,and there is no way you will get anything decent for the same price as ski carriage.Same with boots.You really don't want to spend your 1st day(or more)getting boots that wont cripple you Shocked
Ski passes...get them locally on arrival.Pre booked deals do exist,but are rare IMHO.Plus,if you have a choice of areas,you can decide when you know the conditions etc.
Money...a mainstream debit card is all you need,Nationwide Flex Account being about the best(no charges)Forget the High Street,you've lost out on the exchange rate before you even arrive.Mind you,if some of the things you hear about Bulgaria are correct,they will take anything...even the fillings in your teeth Toofy Grin
Its perhaps unfair of me to criticise too much,never having been there, is Bulgaria,you are in a ski resort and,by local standards,you are a wealthy Englishman.Keep one hand on your wallet...and the other on your girlfriend wink
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?

Go to this site, people that are already out there will be able to help you, plus there are lot's of people who have been going there for years that use it. I've only been to Bansko so can't comment on Borovets, however, my experience of Bulgarians is that if you try and learn a few words(Hello, Please, Thank you etc) they will treat you like old friends, but be carefull about being overcharged as it happens a lot.

Go with an open mind, make the most of it and you will be fine........snow permitting!
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 You need to Login to know who's really who.
You need to Login to know who's really who.
went here a couple of years ago. I got rental skis and they were very disappointing as were the boots! I ended up buying boots while there! But they do have some decent rental stuff there but do not dish it out so readily so if you want to rent I would turn up and go to different shops for the best deal on quality rental. It is cheaper than alps to rent and there are an abundance of rental shops! My recollection is there are cash machines in the two big hotels.
I got a lesson and lift pass package for about 150 at the time which was full day lessons and full lift pass... A bargain compared to the alps but not very cost effective when there's no snow as was the case for us! We met people who had been there the jan before and they had a fantastic time! Hope there's lots of snow for you as it's not much fun without it!
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