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K2 Clutch Pro Helmet

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
In the excitement leading up to our trip to Tignes in a few weeks, I decided to do some shopping today.

Picked up a new helmet, K2 Clutch Pro.

Now, I have tried a few "economy" helmets over the years, and was expecting that at £50 this was going to be similar.

Tried it on and it was very comfortable all round, and nice and warm. Instant step up from bargain basement cheap helmets.

The other thing that attracted me was the integrated Baseline Audio thing, which is basically a couple of small speakers in the ear pockets with a standard headphone jack on the end of a wire for my mp3 player. I was expecting tinny, nasty noise in my ears, and in fact they're remarkably good - quality is pretty reasonable, volume is about bang on (not too loud) and with the strap done up the quality is as good as the big DJ-style headphones I see teenagers wearing these days.

On the basis I was going to buy some new headphones for the trip this year anyway, this seemed like a good way to get a nice comfy helmet and not have to buy any new headphones. I know, you should be listening out for other people etc, but the advantage with these is that I can have the music in the background and still hear people or other stuff - something I wouldn't have got with earphones/plugs. They'd have blocked out everything else, these mean I can balance the music with outside noise.

So one happy bunny here. I am sufficiently impressed that I wanted to share the good news. The cheapest helmets I've seen around are £20, and they really are budget basic, and for the money this is a major step up in quality, and is still a cheap option for the spec.

Obviously fit is a big thing with helmets, this has a dial fit on the back and a range of sizes - I can't imagine anyone with a larger head than me really, and I get in a Large bang on, and the smaller sizes go right down to kids size.

Hope this helps someone out there. At £50 including the integrated headphone thingies, budget isn't really a reason for not wearing a helmet. And it's definitely going to be a good incentive to get the kids wearing helmets if they're reluctant.

Still haven't decided whether my black version is better than the white and orange, but then following advice from the girls it was decided that men should not be seen in either white or purple helmets. Plus the matt finish would mean that the white would look scuffed and knackered very quickly.
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