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Base repair, lets have another tuning thread, shall we?

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
As the fettlers are out in force...

Basically I've got a few minor dings and scrapes across the bases of my skis (lines, so plenty tough and plenty of base and edge material there) and one pretty convincing big-pointy-rock-landing clobber that's NOT a full on coreshot but has left a nice ragged bit of ptex chewed up around the edge of a ding about 0.7 to 1cm round at the end of a scrape. At worst I guess its about 1.5 mm deep, maybe a smidge more, but it's kinda ugly.

I'm half inclined to trim the raggedy bits back and just wax and sharpen then sort it out later, as I've got another week coming up shortly, I hit rocks a lot (and so will probably be after a few repairs and basegrind then anyway) and can live without a 1 second speed advantage, as I'm fat, lazy and largely inept.

Or would this be courting disaster? I am but a vessel, fill me with knowledge!

Ta snowHead

Oh and also the places doing any repairs will be EB/S&R or (preferably) in resort overnight after one or two days of the next trip. The latter is my preference, especially if they're ok with just slapping on a bit of wax for the first couple of days.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Doesn't sound like it needs an urgent repair, more like minor battle scars to be worn with pride. Just trim off any proud p-tex & go ski.

The problem with a store repair is not that they can't do a good repair job, it's that they will always grind the ski afterwards. This is usually unnecessary but they do it to give a better cosmetic finish & 'cause it's less work than dressing down the repair by hand.

If you service your own skis back home but then find you need a repair in resort simply ask the tech (not the assistant) to dress down down the repair by hand. The best way to ensure this is done is to only give him the damaged ski & not the pair.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Thanks Jon, confirmed my suspicions.
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