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Standard 6mm threaded binding fittings for Snowboards

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Where can i buy them and get Tech advice for drilling holes,etc please?

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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
They can only be installed during board manufacture as they're "top hat" style inserts incorporated into the wood core before the base is put on. Not sure if anyone can replace an original insert to give a sound, permanent repair.

If the original insert has just pulled the thread, and has a thick enough wall, "Heli-coil" and "Re-coil" kits are available with the correct oversize drill, tap & inserts to allow the "false" insert (spring wound coil) to be put in (M6 x 1.0). That can be done from above without touching the base, resulting surprisingly in a stronger thread than as manufactured. But if you're marginal on original insert wall thickness, drilling it out further is not the best idea and it's only a question of time before that fails too. Be careful if you do-it-yourself.

You could rig up a simple test rig after you've put in the insert and, with the aid of a torque wrench, measure if sufficient applied torque doesn't pull the newly installed insert.

If someone offers to repair it for you without proving the repair, probably saying "I've done loads of 'em, mate, and no-ones complained before", I'd look elswhere.


p.s. drilling and tapping stainless (inserts) can be an acquired skill, needed good tap lube. Also if the kit doesn't come with a "bottoming" tap, or you don't modify the included one accordingly, re-threading a blind hole such as this might not be a success.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Thanks for the insight John.

I think the best thing to do is phone the Ellis Brigham service tech at Tamworth Snowdome for further advice about fitting new inserts into new holes in my board. If there is an insert type available then they will probably know about it and drill/fit them once sourced.

The 6mm inserts on my MONOBOARD are in a standard board centre 4x4 position and sound, however the 'Spruce Pro-Lite' releasable bindings have 4 extra holes each that i would like to utilize by fitting inserts in the board thus securing the bindings with 8 bolts on each binding. The extra hole positions are not for moving the bindings forward or backwards of centre as the they don't line up except in the 4x4 centre position.

The following pic links explain what i have in mind.

This is why i would like to have the extra holes drilled and inserts fixed in the board thus doubling the bond between board and bindings to counter the forces applied as a 17 stone aggessive Monoskier.

Here's a link to CODA Boards who are bringing out a Snowboard version of this carving board for the '09/'10 season.


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 You need to Login to know who's really who.
You need to Login to know who's really who.
OK, so you want to add EXTRA binding inserts.

Never done it but it won't be rocket science.....................

I guess you would:-

Mark and drill from the top face, using bindings as a guide.

Turn over board and counter bore the holes from the base, big enough to take the top hat inserts and to a calculated pre-determined depth sized off of the height of the insert.

Two pack epoxy the inserts in place (don't worry if adhesive gets in threads, tap it out later).

Cut out circles of base material (and possibly wood spacer too) that snugly fit the counter bored holes (p-tech etc), glue and clamp in place.

Finish sand with belt sander flush.

Can't see any otherway, IF approved by board manufacturer.

Inserts inserted just from the top will be less stable, even if negative rake/stepped and epoxied in. Might hold well though, suck it and see, and less drastic surgery.

No disrespect to anyone mentioned, but if the inserts can be sourced (they can be easily made if not) I'd prefer a good local engineering shop to put them in.

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 Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
I've been in touch with the guy who made my board (in California) who assures me that the 4x4 fixing is strong enough for this board/binding combination and that if i really feel i need to use the spare holes in the risers for extra all round security then i should use aggressive type screws ( same as used to fix ski bindings to skis) with a dab of epoxy in the pilot holes before screwing them in.

Sounds like the best belt & braces solution to me.



Double check that the binding bolts supplied with the bindings are the right length

Mine were 30mm long and only engaged the first 3 threads into the board inserts. Shocked

I replaced them with 35mm bolts and now all's well and secure. Very Happy
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