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Log in to snowHeads to make it MUCH better! Registration's totally free, of course, and makes snowHeads easier to use and to understand, gives better searching, filtering etc. as well as access to 'members only' forums, discounts and deals that U don't even know exist as a 'guest' user. (btw. 50,000+ snowHeads already know all this, making snowHeads the biggest, most active community of snow-heads in the UK, so you'll be in good company)..... When you register, you get our free weekly(-ish) snow report by email. It's rather good and not made up by tourist offices (or people that love the tourist office and want to marry it either)... We don't share your email address with anyone and we never send out any of those cheesy 'message from our partners' emails either. Anyway, snowHeads really is MUCH better when you're logged in - not least because you get to post your own messages complaining about things that annoy you like perhaps this banner which, incidentally, disappears when you log in :-)
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 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
kuwait_ian, The "short" bit is the genes, not much that I can do about that. The "fat" bit is because I like to eat too much. I am a short chunky endomorph/mesomorph so I put on muscle quite easily but that just makes me look chunkier and even more rounded. Whenever I have a medical the comment is always "very fit for your age" which really is damning with faint praise - maybe being just 2 months off 60 might be a factor.
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