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Is skiing getting too expensive?

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
j b wrote:
In Norway a couple of years ago (it was a cycling holiday in the summer, not skiing) we were briefed to take pack-up lunches from the breakfast buffet everywhere. The hotels even provided bags for the purpose.

Same in the states.

Breakfast buffet is always take what you want. So it’s not unusual for people to eat breakfast item for lunch on the mountain.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
oink wrote:
For relative newcomers its definitely never going to be a cheap holiday (IMO)

Can't comment on the exact costs yet but for a family of five (kids 8-14 yo) we have booked for February and doing DIY.

So far i reckon about €3500 for a week (Feb 18-25) in the Mondole Ski area south of Turin.

Selected this area for a number of reasons - relative beginners so big area not needed, lower cost lift passes, 2 bed apt available quite cheap vs 1 bed in a lot of other areas. Small town/village in case wife doesn't want to ski a lot, close to Turin airport which had reasonable flight prices from dublin.

Flights €700 dublin to turin return including 2 suitcases with ryanair. It will be €90 extra if i bring my own board.
Accommodation - 2 bed apartment in Frabosa Soprano - €650 for the week.
Car rental - €75 for a medium sized car (jeep renegade or similar) booked through ryanair. Note - i had a previous booking for fiat tipo estate at €300 which i was happy with but checked back a few weeks later and got the above deal. Cancelled first booking and money back in CC a week later.
Ski school looks like it will be €120 each for the kids so €360. (that's 5 days of 2 hours per day). I might get a private lesson or two but don't have to get sliding. Wife may not ski at all, or may do a few lessons, so can't be sure on that. I guess a week of school for her will be an additional €120.
Ski rental looks to be around 75-100 * 4 so I'll say €400.
Ski passes will be between €750 and €1000 for the five of us depending on whether we get 5 or 6 day passes. Again, wife may decide not to ski much and only get day passes as needed.
Self catering so food will be cheap enough.

I can't see how we could do it much cheaper to be honest. Driving is not really an option from Ireland and even if it was the costs would far outweigh the flight costs. I guess to improve overall VFM you could go for two weeks and reduce the cost per day that way? We could knock a few quid off with a one bed or studio apartment too, but figure we are already at bargain basement level for the accommodation anyway. Hopefully in a few years the kids will be able to skip ski school and maybe cut some spend out that way? But that will be offset by higher flight and lift passes as they get older.

Overall, I'm more than happy with the costs as I love the mountains and am delighted to get the kids started out.

We may not have the cash to go every year but will go when we can.

Just back so thought i would update this thread while it's still fresh in my head.

5 days skiing in Mondole Ski area - arrived Saturday evening so spent Sunday driving around the resorts getting our bearings and renting skis etc

Family of five - 3 kids 14, 12, 8 all second time skiing.

Ski passes: 1 adult & 3 kids for 5 days was €572
1 adults for two days (one purchased at the window, one purchased online) was €88

Ski school - 3 kids for 2 hrs * 5 days = €360

Ski rental - 3 kids for 6 days and 1 adult for 3 days = €270

Flights €790
Accommodation (really nice 2 bed apartment in Frabosa - car needed for getting around) = €578

Car rental - originally was €70 for a jeep renegade. When we got there they had a golf instead, which had no roof rails to tie the board bag to, so upgraded to tipo estate into which i could stuff the bag. Total cost was €140. plus diesel at €60 gives total of €200

Supermarket was €150 over two visits. Local shops around €50. Additional €250 on restaurant visits.

I think that totals up to about €3,300.

Self catering entirely and cutting out a few beers could have knocked it down to €3,000.

Not bad for a family of five out of Dublin, albeit to a small ski area.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
That sounds very reasonable to me.
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 You need to Login to know who's really who.
You need to Login to know who's really who.
This time of year, French half term, apart from the slopes being very busy there is another side to the resort that I suspect many of you would be unaware of as you'd all be up the hill.

The French February holiday is an institution in France, and as Covid, when the lifts were closed demonstrated, the French will still take their holiday regardless.

And as I walk the dogs every day I see families that are on holiday, but for whatever reason are not up the hill. I also see many Grandparents with kids, as again the kids are off school but maybe the parents can't take time off work, and who knows if there are financial issues for the ones I see not skiing, I expect probably so.

But what is always crazy are the huge numbers of Grand Parents / Parents at the front de neige where the toddler lessons are, as well as the various meeting points for all the ski schools - it always seems that the sub 10yr olds outnumber kids above that age immensely, again is is that the wee ones have all inclusive package as they're on nuresrey slopes for most of the week?

Again I'll see whole snakes (12) of what call penguins (sub 6yrs) following an ESF Club Med instructor down but you never see a snake of 8yrs+ ?

But on the cross-country I do feel sorry when I see a family on classic skis and two very disgruntled teen somethings thinking why can't we be up the hill with our mates etc

We did hear from the tourist office that for the first week of the holidays bookings were well down, and it was the quietest I've ever seen, but then the last two weeks have been bonkers busy.
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 Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Going as a singleton this weekend, travelling by a mixture of train, aircraft and bus, the cost has been very noticeable. I am beginning to wonder if it's all worthwhile.
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